What would you need for emergency carpet cleaning?

Oct 08, 2021
What would you need for emergency carpet cleaning

Welcome to the topic “What would you need for emergency carpet cleaning?”

The guests are about to show up any minute; your head darts towards the clock for the tenth time, after which you look behind you on the stove; the pot is bubbling away. Gingerly getting up, you walk towards the stove and place the contents in a serving dish.

One way or the other, your hands accidentally slip, and down goes the contents of the dish staining your carpet.

Looking at the stain in dismay, you wonder what to do now.

The scenario seems like every host’s worst nightmare, not only is their food wasted, but you have an ugly stain on what was once a pristine carpet.

Don’t worry, though. If you have had a terrible experience like this or are scared it might happen to you, we got you covered.

What would you need for emergency carpet cleaning?

  1. Stains can be removed with an iron.

An iron is an electrical appliance most if not all houses will have. You may not have known that iron can be used to remove a stain from your carpet.

Although, there are several beliefs on how to use the tool to clean up. The one mentioned in this article is the three-step procedure.

Firstly, you vacuum the stained region to remove any hard particles, allowing you to concentrate solely on the stains at hand. This is essential preliminary work because any hard particles may stick to the carpet surface due to the heat applied later.

Secondly, use a 3:1 mixture of water and vinegar to treat the spots. Gently blot it on the surface, making sure not to oversaturate the carpet. Allow this combination to make its way into the stained fabric.

Five minutes should suffice.

Thirdly, place a towel over the stained area and iron it. The stain will be transmitted on to the towel as a consequence of the high heat and pressure.


  1. Baking Soda Gets Rid of Oil Stains.

Oil is the most difficult substance to eliminate from carpets, and you can’t always treat such spills with hot water and dabbing methods. Baking soda could save your life and your carpet by extracting oils from carpets in a unique manner.

Apply a generous amount to the stained area and leave till the bicarbonate powder soaks up the stain and forms a kind of dry crust that you can successfully sweep away to reveal a much lighter stain.

After most of the oil has been soaked up the first time , you can begin dabbing the stain with the mixture again. Do this several times till the markings have entirely disappeared.


  1. Rubbing alcohol is a lifesaver.

You may not want to risk applying rubbing alcohol to carpets since it might harm the color or ruin the fiber of your carpet or the worst possible thing that could happen to your carpet, bleaching.

However, trust us rubbing alcohol can seem like a God’s send when you need a quick carpet fix.

Clear isopropyl (rubbing)  alcohol is nowhere near sufficient to bleach a carpet.

All you must do is wait till the stain is completely dry and then gently dab the stain with the substance several times. Wait for the alcohol to dissolve and dry out entirely, and the scratch with a blunt tool like a butter knife.

This works exceptionally well for a nail polish stain.


  1. Dirt Stains Can Be Removed with Shaving Cream.

The reason why many people are against light or pastel-colored carpets is that they are easily stained. These stains, especially dirt stains, can be caused by heavy foot traffic, dust buildup or sudden accidents.

Having children around causes evident skid marks on such carpets.

Dirt can be an annoyance at most times, but never will it be again when shaving cream is introduced into the equation.

Apply a liberal amount of the shaving cream on the dirt marks, let it sit for a bit. Wipe away to find the dirt marks gone.

Truly magical!


  1. Ice vs. Gum.

The mere notion of gum or any sticky substance like taffy or caramel truly makes you want to yank your hair out from its roots. You might be imagining hunching over the problem area and trying and miserably failing to get the substance off.

This is because they are soft, malleable substances; the more you try to take it off the stretcher, and stickier it gets.

Don’t worry, though, and we have got a trick for you.

What you want to do is to make the sticky substance very cold. This will make it stick less. An ice cube placed over it for 30 seconds will be enough to freeze it and enable you to scratch that off with a spoon with minimal damage to your carpet.


  1. Dealing with sugar and dairy-based stains

The best way of dealing with spillages is to do so as soon as possible. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be bringing out the steam cleaner in the middle of a party.

However, you can pre-treat any spills to avert a permeant stain, which will end up making the delayed cleanup all the less difficult.

Soak up as much of the extra moisture possible from any wet spills with kitchen towels. Then consider what was spilled to determine your next move:

  • Sugar-based spill (fruit juices etc.)

Gently dab the stain to eliminate extra moisture, then sprinkle the region with warm (not hot) water and blot once more. The best approach is to blot rather than rub by applying pressure to the cloth and then lifting and repeating.

Rubbing can actually help set the stain. Finally, drape a clean towel over the area and place something heavy on it for a few hours to soak up any remaining water and juice.

  • Dairy-based stains (milk etc.)

Blot the dairy smudge until it disappears using a washcloth dunked in a cup of warm water and half a tablespoon of dish detergent.


Hopefully, this blog post helps you deal with your emergency carpet cleaning problems.

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