Why You Need a Rug Appraisal

In Manhattan, many people use area rugs to decorate their homes.

These rugs can come from one of the many rug stores or could have been bought overseas or could have been passed down as a family heirloom.

Few people who own area rugs, especially handmade rugs, know the value of them.

Heirloom rugs are especially hard because chances are the current owner does not fully know where the rug originated.

This could be problem if you want to insure that rug under a your homeowner policy since your insurance company will want a professional appraisal of the rug.

If something happens to your rug and gets damaged or even stolen, your insurance will not have the information to make an accurate appraisal and then you could receive inadequate compensation for your lose.

Your rug could also have gained in value.

Antique rugs can be very valuable.

While you may not want to sell it, you will know that it is worth investing time and money to maintain it.

You Need a Professional Rug Appraiser

When a rug is appraised you need to have some important information that will determine its value.

If a heirloom area rug was given to you by a family member, chances are you will not know fully the origin of the area rug.

Very often a parent or member of the family purchases the rug during a vacation, most likely while visiting the Middle East, and hands the rug down many years later.

If the rugs were bought in a store then current price would depend on how well they were maintained and the market prices for the type of rug you now own. If you are missing information, this can be a real problem and that is where a professional can help you.

Our Green Choice Appraisers will be able to identify your rug, and evaluate its condition for you. When we are finished, you will receive a letter about it origins, and market value.

If you place the rug in your insurance policy, then you will need a professional appraisal to state the value of the rug if you need to get compensation for it.

Or if the rug is damaged or in need of extensive cleaning, you might want to know what it is worth before spending the money to clean and repair it.

     These are some of the reasons why contacting Green Choice for an affordable rug appraisal will help you to care for your rug.

If you want to lean more about Green Choice rug appraisal services, then call us at 212-201-0529.

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We Make On Site Visits for a Rug Appraisal

Once you decide that you need expert rug appraisal services, then call Green Choice today and we can schedule to have one of our appraisers to come to your home.

You do not need to pack up the rug and bring the rug to us; instead we will examine the rug at your home.

All Green Choice rug appraisers are certified professionals with years of experience in the rug care industry.

During our appraisal, we will carefully examine your area rug and research and document its age and origin.

We will then examine the condition of the rug and if it needs repairs or cleaning.

When our appraisal is finished, we will send you a letter stating the results of our evaluation of your rug and its current market value.

Once you have our letter, you can use our appraisal letter for your home insurance and to make decisions about your rug.

You may decide you want to keep the rug as a family heirloom or even to sell it.

If you need Green Choice professional rug appraisal services, then call us and talk to one of our representatives at 212-201-0529 and ask about our easy to use and affordable services.

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