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If you have not cleaned your carpet or rug in several years it might be time to schedule a carpet shampoo in order to deep clean and remove the built-up dirt, stains, and pet odors.

A thorough carpet shampoo will purge out heavy duty dirt, stains and pet odors and urine.

Green Choice uses a deep carpet cleansing formula that will lift out dirt and stains which will then will be vacuumed out of your carpet or rug.

We only use green cleaners that are biodegradable and are chemical free which means they leave no residue behind.

Green Choice green based shampoo will leave your carpets and rugs non-toxic and safe for your children and pets.

Chemical carpet shampoos are packed with chemicals that can cause dizziness and nausea when being used and can leave a chemical residue which, if not properly rinsed and vacuumed out of the carpet, will attract soil and cause dirt to adhere to the fibers.

Our Shampoo Cleaning Process

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning we only use Eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos which contain no chemical that would damage or degrade the fiber or dye of your rug.

The conventional carpet shampoo contain chemicals can create a sticky residue on the rug that will attract dirt and cause the carpet to resoil.

In contrast Green Choice cleaners contain only natural ingredients that are biodegradable and are chemical free.

When a Green Choice technician starts to clean your carpet they will determine the best cleanser to use and apply it to your carpet.

Our shampooers will agitate the cleansers deep into the carpet and lift out the dirt, stains and pet odors.

Only a carpet shampoo can deep cleanse the carpet fibers and extract the dirt, stains, pet urine and odors from your carpet.

Our industry grade vacuums will safely remove the shampoo and moisture leaving your carpet once again fresh and clean.

We are sure that our carpet shampoo in Manhattan is the best you can find.

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carpet shampoo in Manhattan

Why Professional Shampoo Cleaning?

There are several reasons why a professional carpet cleaning can provide a much superior service compared to home methods.

Our carpet technicians have years of experience and know-how to use the best tools and methods to shampoo your carpets.

Our vacuums and shampoo machines are more powerful than the equipment you can rent at stores.

If you want a deep cleansing of your carpet you need to use a professional. Home cleaning products can only clean the surface stains and dirt.

Our staff has years of experience to extract the most out of our equipment and our special organic shampoo.

From start to finish our certified staff will give your carpet or rug a deep cleaning according to the best practices of our industry.

For the best carpet shampoo in Manhattan call Green Choice.

As a green company, we also make sure that your carpet and home will not have toxic chemicals impacting your environment.

We use only organic and chemical-free cleansers.

Call us for a free quote and discover why Green Choice is the premiere green carpet cleaner in Manhattan.

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If you want, you can arrange for an appointment with one our technicians to visit your home.

They can examine your carpets and rugs and give a free estimate.

There is no further obligation on your part.

We can schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you need a carpet shampoo in Manhattan we can schedule a time that is convenient for you.

If you need a rug cleaned we can pick it up and deliver it back to after cleaning for free.

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