Green Choice Manhattan Moth Removal & Repair

It is can be a big shock to find out that your precious rug or carpet have moth damaged area.

This means that your rugs or carpet are being eaten by moth larvae and removing them can be a difficult chore.

The best way to effectively kill the moths in your rugs and carpets is to find a Manhattan moth removal company such as Green Choice Carpet who you can contact at 212-201-0529.

If you contact us today and arrange for one our certified technicians to come to your home and inspect your rugs and carpet for moth damage with no obligation.

When you contact us, ask about our discounts to save you money.

How Moths Damage Your Area Rug

Moths feed on protein fibers like the wool, silk and hair fibers that are in your rug, but they can also feed synthetic fibers if they contain protein or any organic substances.

This means carpets and rugs made from nylon, acrylic, polyester, acetate and other synthetics can suffer moth damage if they have food or beverage stains, blood, urine and other type of nutritional protein. Adult moths will eat your rug.

But their eggs and larvae will eat it as they grow. Moths lay their eggs cloth to a food source such wool, fur, or fabrics with organic stains.

When the larvae emerge within a few weeks, they will feed on fabric for months! Moth eggs are small and are usually attached to the base of wool rugs or carpets, or even beneath them, making moth eggs removal difficult.

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Our Moth Removal Is the Best in Manhattan

The best way to prevent moth damage is to keep your rugs and carpets clean and to keep them free from stains.

This is very important to keep in mind if you are plan to store your rugs a length of time.

If you already have moths, examine to see which rugs have them and need to have the moths killed.

Moths are easier to remove compared to other pests like bed bugs, but a professional rug cleaner such as Green Choice will ensure that the moths are completely removed and killed during the cleaning process.

When we receive your rugs we will soak your rug in a green solution that will clean your rug and remove moths completely.

Only soaking the rug will remove or destroy the deeply embedded moth eggs.

Call Today for Affordable Moth Removal!

If you have a moth problem and want to remove them, call Green Choice today at 212-201-0529 and ask about our Manhattan moth removal services. We can help you solve this problem today! If your rugs or carpets are damaged, we have a rug repair workshop that can repair moth damaged rugs and carpets! If you own a rug, we pick up and return rugs at no charge. If you have more questions, visit our website at for more information and look for our discounts and coupons to save you money. Call today at 212-201-0529 and claim your discount for our moth treatment special!

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