Silk Rug CleaningWhen you own an authentic silk rug, you have added a beautiful dimension to your home – these unique pieces of art can impart a touch of visual elegance to your décor and provide warmth to your surroundings for generations.

These heirloom rugs must be carefully maintained so they can preserve their beauty for years to come.

To preserve the hand craftsmanship and delicate materials of your silk rug, you need to ensure that only the proper maintenance techniques are applied to you rug.

These are some guidelines as recommended by the professionals that can provide the basic steps of care and maintenance for your silk rug.

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Regular Rug Maintenance

It is vital that you clean your silk rug as often as possible and take measures to avoid unnecessary soiling. You can ask visitors to remove their shoes upon entering your home.

You can vacuum your rug on a weekly basis, but be careful to use the right settings for a silk rug to avoid snags or tears.

If liquid is spilled on your carpet, try to clean it up immediately, using only a clean, dry cloth and water. Be careful of using carpet cleaners bought at stores on your costly silk rugs, as they may damage the dye in your carpet and cause the colors to fade.

In the event of a serious stain, you might consider contacting a professional carpet cleaner.

A professional rug cleaner can examine the stain and treat it with the proper cleansing agents to avoid further damage.

Remember to also check the rug pad; if the rug pad is damp, remove the padding and dry it to guard against mildew, mold or deterioration.

Silk Rug Cleaning Specialists In NYC

Spotting a Soiled Area Rug

Once a year you should check to see if your rug is in need of a deep cleaning.

There are several ways to check for this. First, you can check for dirt by picking up the corner of the rug. Hit the back of the rug.

If you see dust rising from the fibers, the carpet needs to be vacuumed.

You can also run your hand across the nap of the carpet – if your hand is dirty or you feel stiff fibers, it may be time for a professional cleaning.

If you decide your silk rug needs a deep cleaning, you may wish to contact a professional rug cleaning service with experience in maintaining silk, antique and other valuable rugs.

While the there many companies that offer silk rug cleaning in Manhattan, they do not all offer the same level of expertise and service.

Why use a Professional Rug Cleaner

Green Choice has over two decades of experience in the carpet and rug cleaning business in Manhattan. We only use certified technicians that we trained.

Your silk rug will be in hands of a certified rug technicians throughout the entire cleaning process.

We are also a green company and use organic cleaning solutions that are certified as green.

This means we do not use any chemical cleaners but only safe, non-toxic cleaners. We offer the premier silk rug cleaning in Manhattan.

Call us and you can talk to one of our representatives or arrange for a technician to visit your home and examine your silk rug and give you free estimate with no obligation.

We also offer a free pick up and delivery service that will be scheduled to a time you find convenient.

If you need a silk rug cleaner in Manhattan call us and see how affordable we are.

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