While many of us are fastidious about keeping our homes clean, we often overlook an area that we spend the majority of our time in – our beds.

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives on our mattresses?

Keeping this information in mind, it’s no wonder that debris builds up over time, including dust mites and epidermal cells, aggravating allergies and respiratory ailments.

Since most mattresses typically harbor millions of dander particles, dust-mites, and other allergy-causing substances, it’s no wonder a neglected mattress can actually lead to poor health.

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Green Choice specializes in mattress cleaning – serving Manhattan and the outer boroughs for nearly two decades, we have developed an exclusive green method of mattress cleaning that will benefit your entire family.

This can be especially beneficial for allergy-sufferers; a thorough green mattress cleaning can eliminate air-borne allergens to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever, asthma, eczema or other related health issues.

In fact, our customers and our staff have both noticed a significant improvement in their symptoms after using Green Choice!

So whether you’re located in Manhattan or the outer boroughs of NYC, we offer a full range of mattress and upholstery cleaning services designed to accommodate your busy schedule.

The Green Choice Mattress Cleaning Method:

When it comes to mattress cleaning, it can be done a number of ways, but don’t be fooled – all mattress cleaning services are not created equal.

While conventional methods may remove surface debris, they will not offer the same health benefits you’ll obtain from a thorough green bed cleaning treatment.

Traditional mattress-cleaning companies may use a number of chemicals and fancy equipment, including HEPA vacuums, but they simply cannot provide you with the deep, natural clean that Green Choice can – here’s a summary of our patented approach:

  • Step One: A green mattress cleaning solution is sprayed on your mattress, which is then mechanically agitated to ensure loose particles are removed from the upholstery.
  • Step Two: Surface spots and stains are removed from the fabric to refresh your mattress’s appearance.
  • Step Three: Your mattress is treated with a deep steam-cleansing to ensure any remaining debris has been loosened.
  • Step Four: Your mattress is rinsed with an all-natural, PH-balanced enzyme-based solution to eliminate any residual allergens and dirt, restoring your bed to its original pristine condition.
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