What is Steam Cleaning Carpet?

Sep 26, 2021
What is Steam Cleaning Carpet

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There comes a time when it becomes essential to get your carpet cleaned deeply by a professional in order to achieve the best results. In such a situation, the question arises, whether to get your carpet dry cleaned or steam cleaned. The carpet might need to be dry cleaned or steam cleaned, depending on its condition.

Steam cleaning is a technique that uses evaporated water to clean your carpets. Steam is a matter that is dissolved in the air in its normal state. First, the water is heated to a specific temperature. It is then applied with a machine that looks like ordinary vacuum cleaners. When steam meets fiber, it helps to break up dirt and provides fantastic cleaning.

In modern times, steam cleaning has gained significant popularity amongst households. Steam cleaning is basically a method in which water vapors are incorporated with detergents that are activated by the steam.

Why steam?

Steam is hot, and so it helps break down dirt particles and stubborn stains on top of your carpets, and so you achieve a thorough clean.

A device similar to a vacuum cleaner is used to apply the steam on top of the carpet. And then once the steam has broken down all the dirt particles expertly, then the same machine removes the mixture of steam and dirt, and voila! Your carpet will be as good as new.

Advantages of steam cleaning carpets.

  1. Steam kills pollutants

usually collect up pollutants over time, such as dead insects or cockroach allergens, lead or foreign elements from surroundings, and something as harmful as volatile organic compounds that are absorbed into the carpet fibers from the atmosphere of the space.

Steam cleaning your carpet gets rid of such toxic pollutants, which can harm your pets and children.

  1. Steam kills dust mites.

Dust mites have a tendency to manifest themselves in the most inconvenient spaces, such as upholstered furniture, mattresses, curtains, and of course, carpets. These mites usually thrive in moist and humid environments. Their wastes are allergens that can easily be breathed in through the air, so it is essential that they must be gotten rid of and steam cleaning your carpet does precisely that.

  1. Steam Refreshes and Extends Carpet Life.

Steam has the ability to purify your favorite carpets without causing any damage to them. Steam cleaning makes sure your carpet fibers do not get damaged by any harsh rubbing and cleaning. And so the steam refreshes your carpets and keeps them intact in their original shape for longer, elongating their life span.

  1. Steam cleans better.

Not only does steam makes your carpet last longer, but it also makes sure that your carpets get a thorough detailed clean. Steam generates water vapors that penetrate themselves deep within the carpet fibers and extract out the stubborn dust particles, mites, and allergens deep within. The high temperature of the steam also destroys unwanted bacteria and viruses, and so. As a result, steam cleaning your carpets is more hygienic.

  1. Steam cleaning gets rid of the odor.

Carpets oftentimes tend to absorb foul pet odors, which cause your space to smell like a zoo. Steam cleaning your carpet eliminates potent smells and deodorizes the rug. This makes your carpets smell refreshing.

Disadvantages of steam cleaning Carpets.

As much as getting your carpets sounds perfect, there are inevitable downfalls to the process.


  • Steam cleaning is Expensive.

Steam cleaning is a modern method that is way more expensive than the old and trusted carpet cleaning methods. Also, as the effects of a steam clean do not last as long, this method deems less economical in the long run.

  • Steam cleaning is Dangerous.

Steam cleaning requires dealing with different temperatures, which are essential to its effectiveness, and so it always must be done through professionals only. If you attempt steaming your carpets all by yourself, there is a high chance that you could burn yourself or damage your carpet if the temperature is too high.

  • Steam cleaning is an Inconvenient process.

A lot of steam cleaning service providers tend to use hunky trucks that carry equipment to the cleaning space and so it is necessary that the cleaning space has to have a big porch to accommodate the big truck.

Also, the wastewater is environmentally unsafe and has to be disposed of in a safe manner which is why environmentalists disapprove of steam cleaning carpets. There is no specified way to guide how to cure the wastewater, and so it deems the process hazardous.

  • Steam cleaning leaves your carpet wet.

One of the significant disadvantages of the steam clean is that it leaves the carpets wet for up to twelve hours, and sometimes the stains come back after drying. This makes it inconvenient for homeowners since not only are they paying for cleaning, but they also will have to pay for drying services.

Sometimes there is a concern raised that steam cleaning promotes mold growth. If you allow the water to be on the carpet for a more extended period, use too much water, or do not adequately vacuum the carpet, the water could trickle lower into your carpet and cause mold. However, if you make sure to vacuum correctly and not let the water completely penetrate the rug, there should not be a problem.

In the end, Like any other method, steam cleaning carpets has its pros and cons, but when steam cleaning is done in the right way, it provides a healthier and more hygienic environment. It also proves to be more beneficial for the carpet itself.

However, since it is a costly method, it is recommended for commercial spaces as compared to households since it involves heavy machinery which can not usually be accommodated in a home setting, it also non-eco-friendly and so there could be a question as to whether it is a socially responsible way of cleaning your carpets.

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