How to dry carpets after cleaning

Sep 24, 2021
How to dry carpets after cleaning

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Carpets are thick and fibrous, and so having to dry one could end up being an exceedingly challenging task. A damp carpet usually takes quite a while before it is scorched, and all its moisture has evaporated after a thorough cleaning.

Damp carpets also have an ugly reputation of growing moldy within merely a few days. As expected, moldy or moist carpets naturally tend to develop awfully gross odors, making it hard to breathe in a room. And so, you must effectively dry out your carpet right after cleaning.

Do your research.

With a handy trick up your sleeve, a lengthy task such as having to dry a carpet can become more manageable. But, first, you must be aware of the type of your carpet, for example, does it have faux or real fibers. Also, another essential step before trying to dry your wet carpet is to thoroughly read instruction manuals available on your carpet brand’s website.

Why is drying your carpet necessary?

You must dry your carpet out as soon as possible since a damp carpet could potentially grow moldy in a warmer environment. Usually, it takes around six to seven hours for a rug to dry out, but it could take as long as twenty-four hours, depending on the weather conditions.

In an excessively humid or warm environment, there are more chances of your rug taking longer to dry, and so it also has a higher chance of growing mold. Once it grows mold, your carpet will start smelling musty and sour, and the bacteria infection can cause breathing difficulties, which is why you must dry it as soon as you can.

Here are a few ways to help dry your carpet faster.

Create good ventilation. To minimize the drying time of your carpet, you must create good airflow in the space where your carpet is drying out. Make sure you’re drying your carpet in a room full of windows and open them up to improve crosswinds and fasten your dry time. This method also helps avoid musky and sour smells spreading in your environment.

  1. Use hot air.

An excellent way of speeding up your dry time is to use fans that give off hot air. Hot air tends to extract out moisture, and so it is an intelligent way of drying up your carpets faster. A hot air fan and a dehumidifier combined to perform an excellent job in drying out your carpet faster.

  1. Use baking soda.

Baking soda not only works excellently in cleaning out stains, but it also has the potential of drawing out moisture from your carpet and deodorizing any foul odors.

For this method, first, you will need to use a high-powered vacuum, the ones which are commercially used work best. Since buying a commercial-level vacuum can cost a fortune, the best way would be to rent one out.

After you’ve vacuumed out as much excess moisture as possible, sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda, making sure to cover the whole rug. And then you leave the carpet to dry out for as long as twenty-four hours.

Once the baking soda has drawn out all excess odor and moisture, the last step is to vacuum your rug thoroughly, and that’s it!

Your carpet will be perfectly dried out and odorless.


  1. Use Your Air Conditioner.

An air conditioner can be repurposed and utilized to dry out your damp carpet faster. All that is needed is to put your carpet well spread out in an air-conditioned space and then cool down the temperature in order to fasten up the procedure.

Although an air conditioner does help dry things out faster, there could be confusion as to whether the carpet is moist or just really cold due to the cold air.

  1. Expose the padding.

In case of a larger carpet, drying it out could turn into an almost impossible task, so the best solution in this case would be to expose the padding of your carpet.

For this method, you will need a pair of plyers to help assist you in pulling back the fibers from the padding; all you need to do is start from one corner and gently pull the two layers apart until the padding, and the fibers are now in two separate layers.

Once you have fully uncovered the padding of your carpet, use a vacuum or fans or any method mentioned above to dry your padding and fibers out in two separate layers.

This procedure helps dry thicker and larger carpets out way more rapidly.

  1. Professional blow dry.

There could be a possibility that your carpet spreads out in a larger space, and so it is practically impossible to dry it out all by yourself.

In such a situation, do not hesitate to call a professional for help. Usually, carpet cleaning businesses also offer professional blow-dry services. Carpet cleaners use industrial scale dryers and blowers that make the job way quicker and easier. Opting out for this method is the most hassle-free way of drying out your carpet.

However, as much as professionally getting your carpet dried out sounds amazing, it can be a costly endeavor. So, you must only choose this method if it really is a tough job to dry your carpet out at home.



Yes, it may ninety percent of the time sound like a great idea to try out these do-it-yourself methods all in the comfort of your home. However, it is still a disclaimer that you must be aware when it is the right time to simply seek out professional help in a more rigid and stubborn situation.

At last, now you know how to effectively dry your newly cleaned carpet out in the most recommended ways. Whether it be tough weather conditions, a moldy environment, lack of ventilation or a humongous carpet. The methods mentioned above make sure all your carpet drying needs are covered.

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