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Welcome to Green Choice, a Green Carpet Cleaner in Bronx

Green Carpet cleaning in Bronx

At Green Choice  Carpet Cleaning Bronx, we are dedicated to green standards of carpet cleaning, and to provide our customers with green cleaning service at an affordable cost.

We believe that green cleaning is not a premium service for the few, but should be provided to all of our customers at no extra cost.

In the past decade green cleaners have not only become just as effective as chemical cleaners if used properly, but have become as affordable as conventional cleaners.

That is why Green Choice can offer you a safe, effective and affordable way to clean your carpet, rug, mattress, or upholstery.

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Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning?

The EPA has warned many times about well-known carpet cleaning chemicals or products with a high level of toxicity.

A couple of these warning were aimed at some well-known brands that continue to be sold to commercial cleaning companies.

In 2001 the EPA demanded a recall on Scotch guard or they would recall the product from the market. This product was used for over 50 years.

3M released Scotch guard again in 2003 with a slightly different formula, which the company claims is safe.

But even then it was labeled as a Persistent Organic Pollutant, which means that that prolonged exposure can cause health problems and disorders.

Despite all the warnings, these products are still in wide use today in the carpet industry.

In 2006, the EPA asked Dupont to recall the Teflon Carpet Protectant because the EPA found that PFOA could cause cancer, liver damage.

This is a widely used protectant against dirt and stains.

The solution to all these warnings is simple. Green products that are chemical free and are based on safe organic ingredients.

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Why us?

At Green Choice  Carpet Cleaning Bronx we only use organic cleansers that are chemical free and certified environmentally safe by laboratory testing.

You can be sure GreenChoice will only use the safest and most effective green carpet cleaning solutions and protectants available. In fact most of the ingredients used in our carpet cleaners are found in food you eat, such as citric acid, salt, baking soda, salts.

Best of all our green cleaners are just as effective as conventional cleaners and will leave your carpets clean and fresh without any chemical residue or smell.

We take immense pride in making sure that our clients get the best green carpet cleaning experience in Bronx.

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