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Green Choice Persian Rug Cleaning Bronx

If you want maintain the beauty of your favorite Persian rug, you need the services of a professional rug cleaning service to ensure its continued beauty. At Green Choice, we give each Persian rug individual care to ensure that it will receive the most effective cleaning process to enhance both its value and beauty. A Green Choice rug technician will inspect your Persian rug and devise the best method to cleanse your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye. It is important to have a technician who understands how to clean a Persian rug correctly and not to use chemicals that would degrade the dyes or machines that would damage the weave and fiber of the Persian rug. Our Bronx rug cleaning technicians will clean your Persian rug using only effective green cleansers. You can rest assured that Green Choice will handle your rug cleaning like experts, who have acquired decades of experience, and will use the proper tools to make your Persian rug look new again.

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

Our Bronx Persian rug cleaning service is designed by a technicians based on the rug’s condition. After examining the rug we will determine how best to extract the dirt, stains and pet damage. We will usually start with a gentle hand washing of the rug using our special organic rug cleaning solutions. Your rug will undergo a series of hand washing to remove deeply embedded dirt and stains. Once we are done you will be amazed at the results as the original shine and softness of the carpet are restored.

Our rug washing techniques can clean and extend the life of your Persian rug. If you want to learn more about our rug cleaning services, call us tool free at 1-718-360-0742 to learn more, or arrange to chat with a technician about our Bronx Persian rug cleaning service who can give you a free estimate.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Persian rugs are considered as works of art and are an expensive investment. You should consider the advantages of using a professional rug as way to protect that investment. Home cleaning solutions can clean the surface of the rug but the embedded dirt, stains and pet urine will remain. Also using any home products can be risky because their chemicals could damage the fiber and dye of the rug if they are not chosen with care, but also many home carpet cleaners contain chemicals that can be a health hazard if not used correctly. Green Choice has over two decades of experience cleaning carpet and rug in the Bronx. We have all the expert services you need to maintain your Persian rug including rug repair and rug restoration. At Green Choice your rug will be in expert hands.

Our in-house Persian rug cleaning specialists have the knowledge to clean your Persian area rug and extend its life for decades. Call us at 1-718-360-0742 and talk to a representative for a free quote. Or you can set up an appointment for a technician to visit your home and examine your rug and give you a free estimate.