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Green Choice Bronx Rug Cleaning

At Green Choice, rug cleaning and restoration is our specialty. From small oriental rugs to large Persian tapestries, our Bronx rug cleaning specialists have serviced rugs from all over the world. And, as with all our cleaning services, we will clean your area rug using Eco-friendly green cleansers. With Green Choice, you can rest assured that your rug will be handled by rug cleaning professionals, with decades of experience, and the proper tools to make your area rug look new again.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

Our cleaning service is customized to meet your rug cleaning needs. Depending on your rug type, we offer two primary rug cleaning procedures: machine rug cleaning (for machine made area rugs & throw rugs), and intricate hand washing (for antique, hand-made, or heirloom rugs).

Our machine washing procedure is very economical and extremely effective; while our hand washing method is a customized service that aims to clean and prolong the life of your handmade rug. If you have any questions about our different rug cleaning services, just give us a call to learn more. We can even arrange for a technician to visit you at a convenient time to examine your rugs and give you a free cleaning estimate.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Over the years we have serviced many area rugs that were damaged not by dirt, dander, or pet stains, but from improper cleaning methods. Proper rug cleaning is different from carpet cleaning and having the right knowledge and equipment is essential to clean a rug efficiently without damaging it. Green Choice has its own rug cleaning factory with the best rug cleaning and drying machines on the market. Do not take a chance with your rug and only let a dedicated rug cleaning company like Green Choice handle your rugs.

We have seen many cases of fading due to improper cleaning methods. When shampoo residue is left behind, the incorrect cleaning-solution is selected, or the color of your rug is not “set” before cleaning, your rug will look clean, at first, but will fade at a far more rapid pace than if it were cleaned properly.

Our in-house Bronx rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the experience to clean your area rug while prolonging its life for generations.