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Green Choice Bronx Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are very expensive but delicate and need special care if you want to maintain them. Handmade Oriental silk rugs are among the most beautiful rugs made but no other rug demands more care than silk rugs. At Green Choice, our technicians will carefully examine your silk rug and plan the best process to clean your safely rug based on its condition, weave, and dye. It is vital to have an rug expert who understands how to clean and maintain a Silk rug properly and not to use chemical solutions that can ruin the dyes or machines that would can weaken the delicate fiber of the silk rug. Our Bronx rug cleaning technicians will clean your silk rug using only Eco-friendly green cleaning solutions. Machine washing is damaging to a silk rug so we only hand wash silk area rugs. You can rest assured that GreenChoice technicians will handle your rug cleaning process in alignment with the best practices of our industry. Handmade Oriental silk rugs are among the most expensive rugs made and need professional care if you want to maintain them for generations. If you need a silk rug cleaner in the Bronx call us today and lets us tell how we will make sure your rug will receive our expert care.

Our Silk Rug Cleaning Process

Our cleaning service is customized for your Silk rug cleaning needs. After a technician examines the rug they will determine the most effective process on how to remove all the dirt, hair and stains. They will perform a careful hand washing of the rug. We will use an organic rug cleaning solutions that contain no chemical that would degrade the dye or fiber of the rug.

If you want to learn more about our superior hand washing technique and about our rug cleaning services, call us to talk to a representative, or arrange to have a expert technician visit your home explain about our Bronx Silk rug cleaning service. We will give a free no obligation estimate.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Silk rugs are perhaps the least durable of rugs, but because of their beauty they are highly prized as works of arts and very expensive. Anytime you clean a silk rug you have to carefully select your cleaners and tools to prevent any loss of color and pile in the rug. At Green Choice you can be assured that our staff can deep clean your silk rug and remove dirt and stains and restore it back so it looks new again. Our in-house Bronx Silk rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the skill to clean your silk area rug and extend its life for decades. Call use today for a free quote. We can also arrange a time for a technician to visit you and examine your rug.