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Green Choice Wool Rug Cleaning Bronx

Wool is the fiber of choice for expensive handmade rugs because it is very durable yet very soft. Nevertheless, using the wrong carpet cleaning solution can cause the dye to run and create spottiness in the carpet. If the rug is improperly washed the rug can shrink. At Green Choice, we will inspect every detail about your wool rug and formulate the best method to clean your rug. It is vital to have an experienced rug cleaner who knows how to clean a wool rug properly and the correct methods to hand wash a wool rug that will not damage the weave and fiber of the wool rug and not use chemical solutions that could degrade the rug’s colors. Our Bronx rug cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean your wool rug and use only green cleansers that leave no chemical residue. If you choose Green Choice for your rug cleaning needs, you can be sure that your wool rug will be handled by experts, who have decades of experience behind them, and will use the best methods to make sure your wool rug looks new again.

Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Each wool rug we receive undergoes a careful examination by a Green Choice technician. After their examination of the rug, they will devise the best procedure to cleanse all the dirt, hair and stains from the rug in the most effective and safe way possible. The technician will perform a careful deep cleaning of the rug. Our organic rug cleaning solutions contain no chemicals that would degrade the dye or fiber of your rug and introduce potentially hazardous chemicals into your home. We are a green company and will not introduce any potentially harmful chemical into your home or apartment. Our green cleaners will leave your rug fresh and clean of any dirt, stains pet odors and free of any chemical reside which are left by conventional cleaners.

Our rug washing technique will clean and restore the life of your wool rug. If you want to know more about our rug and carpet cleaning, call us at 1-718-360-0742 if you have additional questions, or want to arrange to chat with an expert technician about our wool rug cleaning Bronx service.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

With two decades of rug cleaning experience we have seen many wool area rugs that were damaged not by dirt, wear, or pet stains, but from improper rug cleaning due to the use of strong chemical cleaners or machine washing. Putting a wool rug in a washing machine will cause the dyes to bleed and run yet untrained rug cleaners do this all the time. There are some rug cleaners in the Bronx who will damage your wool area rug because they lack the experience in dealing with handmade wool rugs.

Home cleaning methods can get rid of surface dirt and stain but cannot reach deep into the carpet. Also great care needs to shown when choosing which cleaner to use on a wool rug. Using the wrong cleaner can lead to unexpected results if the cleaner has chemicals that would cause the dye to fade or run. Chemical cleaners can also leave behind a chemical residue that binds itself to the fibers. This residue can cause a clean carpet to get re-soiled quickly as dirt becomes trapped in the residue. If you chose Green Choice we will use green cleaners that not only thorough clean your carpet but leave behind no chemical residue.

Green Choice only uses rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the know how to clean your Wool area rug and extend its life for decades. We are the premiere choice in the Bronx for wool rug cleaners. Call us at 1-718-360-0742 for more information about how we can service your wool rug cleaning needs in the Bronx.