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Wool is considered the premiere material for making an fine area rug. Wool cost more than synthetic material but a wool rug, if properly maintained, can last for many and even generations as a family heirloom. Handmade wool rugs like Persian and Oriental rugs, are some of the finest rugs produced in the rugs and they are almost always made from wool with organic dyes. These rugs are not only valuable but works that of art. A wool rug can add style to your home by adding a classic wool rug. By vacuuming your rug regularly you can help keep it clean and free of harmful dust. But eventually, dust will start to build up in the rug that a vacuum cannot remove. Vacuuming can keep the surface of the rug cleaning, but when dust becomes embedded into the pile, you will need professional help to remove it. If you rug becomes stained or picks up odors, you should also consult a professional because DIY or products you buy in stores are often only for synthetic rugs and can damage wool rugs. When you feel it is time for professional help with your rugs, you should call an expert who knows how to clean and repair an Oriental rug like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Westchester NY.

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Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

When you contact Green Choice, we can set up a no obligation appointment with one of our technicians to come over to your home and examine your rug. Our tech can discuss you how we will clean your wool rug and the cost. When you decide to use our services, the tech can take your rug right and bring it to our rug cleaning facility. 
At our rug cleaning facility, your rug will be examined by out staff and will test your rug for color fastness to prevent dye run and pre-spot any stains you have. Once we have de-dusted your rug , we soak your rug in our cleaning vats designed. During the soaking process, we hand wash your wool rug to make sure that stains and odors are removed from your rug. When your rug is soaking, we hand wash it to give it a deep cleaning that you cannot accomplish at home. When we are finished, your rug free of dust, odors and stains and will look and smell fresh and clean again.

If have more questions or want an estimate, please call our courteous and knowledgeable staff now for a free consultation: 1-800-984-4338

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Many people believe that regular vacuuming can clean a wool rug. Vacuuming can clean the surface and help keep your rug clean. But over time dust will work its way into the pile and become embedded and difficult to remove. Only a professional cleaning can remove embedded dust. If dust is allowed to to stay in the rug, it will act as sandpaper on the fiber and start to cut it, causing pile lose. The only way to prevent this type of damage is a deep cleaning of your rug by a professional such as Green Choice Carpet Cleaning. If want to keep your wool looking great now and for years to come, call Green Choice and let our staff help maintain your rug with out expert Oriental rug cleaning services in Westchester NY.

If you want information about our wool rug cleaning and other rug services, call us at 1-800-984-4338 and you can talk to our representatives or arrange for one of our staff members to visit your home and give you a free consultation about your rug cleaning and for a free pick up of your rug and a free delivery when it is cleaned.

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