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Persian Rug Cleaning

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Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning specializes in the cleaning of handmade Persian rugs. Our staff has a deep understand of the different types of Persian rugs and how they made, and the best way to clean them. Because we are committed to excellence in rug cleaning, we built our own state of art rug cleaning facility. We have the best equipment designed for cleaning your Persian rug thoroughly and safely.

All Persian rug cleaning is done in our factory by our trained and experienced staff. While many companies outsource their rug cleaning because they do have the skill or equipment to properly clean a Persian rug, we do all the work in house where we can make sure our clients get the best cleaning. If you want to trust your rug to a company with the expertise to give you the best service, then call Green Choice. You can speak to a representative who can answer your questions, or we can send a technician to your home and they will explain our clean process to you. There is no charge for this visit and carries no obligation.

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Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

When your rug arrives at our factory, a Green Choice technician will carefully examine your rug. Our staff will check the rug and determine the cleaning process for your rug. This includes checking for color fastness to make sure the dye does not rug during the cleaning process. Persian rugs use vegetable dyes and great care must exercised to make sure the cleaner will not affect the carpets dyes. Our green rug cleaning solutions only contain organic cleaning enzymes that gently clean the rug without harming the dye or fiber of the rug. Our hand washing process will deep clean the rug removing dirt, stains and pet odor as well as restoring the radiance and softness of the rug.

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Once the washing is done, we dry your rug in our cleaning room. After your rug is dried we inspect your rug once again to make sure it received a thorough cleaning and stains and odors have been removed. Then we wrap your rug and our dispatcher will call you to arrange for delivery of your rug. When you experience our cleaning process and our customer service you will see why we are Westchester’s most popular rug cleaning service for the past decade.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

Many people think that they can take care of Persian rugs without using professional help. But home cleaning methods cannot keep a Persian rug clean. Even with regular vacuuming, dust settles into the rug and cannot be removed by a vacuum. As more and more dust build up, it acts like sandpaper on the rugs fibers, slowly cutting away at them. With foot traffic, the dust rubs on the fiber and you start to lose material on the rug and areas will start to look worn down. Pet urine is another problem. Urine can cause the dyes in your rug to bleed. Removing urine from a Persian is very difficult and urine removers bought in stores may not be suitable for a Persian rug and can damage it. If you call Green Choice, we will make sure that your rug is properly cared for and help extends its life for many years if not generations.

If you need any more information, call 1-800-984-4338 and talk a representatives for a free quote or arrange for a technician to visit your home for a free consultation about your rugs and for a quote.

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Customer Testimonials

What our clients say
  • My cat threw up on the carpet last week and I needed a carpet cleaning company to come and take care of the problem asap before it get worse. I called Green Choice Carpet cleaning NYC and they technician showed up at my doorstep a few hours later fully equipped. He assessed the situation and gave me a reasonable price to do the cleaning, an hour later and the problem disappeared. Great job Green Choice!

  • Our office is in Manhattan has a few carpeted conference rooms and we trust Green Choice Carpet cleaning NYC to maintain it every 2 months. We always schedule an appointment a week ahead and they are always on time and they do a great job. The gentlemen who clean the carpet are always polite and hard working and they always leave our carpet in excellent condition.

  • We live in manhattan and our radiator leaked onto the carpet a few weeks ago. It created a huge rusty stains on a beige carpet and it looked horrible. We called here and there and at last made an appointment with Green Choice Carpet NYC. We thought we should probably clean our entire living room instead of only the stain and Green Choice did an awesome job. The carpet is nice and clean and the air in the room changed, it was definitely worth it!

  • I have two young children and it’s important for me to use green cleaning company to do my carpets at home. My family and I live in Queens and I’m a regular client of Green Choice Carpet NYC since they use green products only and they do magic with the carpeting. We can all stay in the house while they are cleaning and there no toxic fumes or unpleasant smells. I’m very happy with their service and I will recommend to every family with small children!

  • I’m very impressed by Green Choices Carpet NYC and the service they did. They cleaned our living room, bedroom and hallway carpet and they did an amazing job. Our dingy carpet looks nice and great after the cleaning and I’m super grateful!


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