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Welcome to Green Choice, your local Westchester carpet cleaner. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in the Westchester area that uses green cleansers at competitive prices, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our green cleaning service. Our goal is to provide all Westchester residents an Eco-friendly n carpet cleaning at a great price, and our many satisfied customers in the Westchester area are a testament to our success. Just because we use green cleaners, do not think our prices are not affordable. In fact, our prices are competitive and you can use our coupons and discounts to save even more money!

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Why Green Carpet Cleaning?

As a family-owned and operated company, we are all too aware of the health concerns associated with conventional carpet cleaning chemicals. You can visit our green carpet cleaning page, and see that some of the most popular carpet cleaning products in the US have been tested and pressured by the EPA to remove toxic cleaning ingredients from their products. That is Green Choice is committed to using only 100% certified green carpet cleaning products for all our clients. Because all our carpet cleaning solutions are green, our cleaning is safe for children, and even small pets too.

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Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Because we know that each customer has different needs, we offer different carpet cleaning methods. Our steam cleaning and carpet shampoo are 100% green-based solutions to accommodate your carpet type. We will choose the best type of cleaning that is suited to your carpet to achieve the best results. We will remove the toughest spots and odors and make your carpet look and smell like new again. We can handle the toughest jobs at a price that will make you will like it. So call us today and be on your way to clean and fresh carpets.

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Why Choose US?

  • We offer a 100% service guarantee, to ensure that you are satisfied with our cleaning services.
  • Our technicians are knowledgeable, trained, and certified carpet cleaning professionals with more than 40 collective years of carpet cleaning experience.
  • Located in the heart of Westchester, we won’t make you wait hours and will arrive promptly at your requested appointment time.
  • In almost all cases, we offer same-day service at no additional cost.
  • Our enzyme-based cleaners don’t just mask stains, they permanently remove them. Your carpet stains will not return weeks or days after your carpet has been cleaned, as with some cleaning chemicals.
  • We will gladly schedule an appointment at your convenience, including weekend service at no additional cost.
  • Our green carpet cleaning solutions are safe for the whole family, including children and small pets during cleaning.

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