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Leather Cleaning San Francisco

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Leather Cleaning San Francisco

Leather never goes out of style – from vintage leather sofas to modern leather dining chairs, these furnishings are often the most coveted items in our home, adding a focal element that is both classic and timeless. However, despite our efforts to keep our leather furniture looking its best, ordinary household cleansers and polishes merely coat the surface. In fact, many of these cleaners contain wax that dry out the leather and actually create further damage. Cracks, tears and splits in the hide are often cause for concern and cannot be repaired without the help of professionals – and over time, will become worse if not repaired.

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At GreenChoice, our team of leather care specialists has developed a complete line of all-natural leather care to extend the life of your furniture while reforming its former luster and sheen. In addition to cleaning soils and stains from the surface, we will refurbish the upholstery with special emollients to nourish the leather and protect it from everyday wear and tear.

Serving San Francisco and the communities of California for over 20 years, our family-owned and-operated business is pleased to offer leather cleaning among our menu of fine services. Whether you are looking to restore your favorite antique leather pieces, contemporary Italian leather sofa, leather settees, ottomans or chairs, we will create a customized leather cleaning treatment to refurbish, renew and revive the texture and appearance of your favorite furnishings. At GreenChoice, we provide a full line of organic cleaning methods including leather maintenance – after all, your leather furniture was designed to serve you and your family for many years, so why not care for it now so you may enjoy it for a lifetime?


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Leather Cleaning Techniques

Although we use the most modern, Eco-friendly methods of leather cleaning, our highly trained leather care experts use an old-world approach when it comes to refurbishing your fine furnishings. Here is an overview of our patented process:

  • Step 1: The upholstery is gently cleansed, removing any residue or stains
  • Step 2: Our specially-formulated cleansers and emollients are applied to the leather to moisturize and protect the hide, restoring its appearance to its original luster and shine
  • Step 3: Our leather specialists apply an exclusive leather protectant to the surface, safeguarding your furniture from everyday wear and tear

At GreenChoice, we realize that your time is precious – that’s why we have formulated leather-cleaning techniques to cleanse, protect and preserve your costly leather furniture. Leather furnishings are meant to serve you for a lifetime, and our treatments have been developed to optimize the lifespan of your favorite furnishings and minimize maintenance in between leather cleaning appointments.

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Green Leather Cleaning

At GreenChoice, we’ve engineered an effective leather-cleaning system for your household or office furniture: we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch service, unsurpassed customer care and timely appointments, each and every time you choose us for your leather care needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, our staff is committed to meet or exceed your satisfaction, all at the most competitive prices around. Thank you for choosing GreenChoice Leather Cleaning of San Francisco – we appreciate your patronage.

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