The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning in SF

Are you on the lookout for the most effective carpet cleaning SF service? Well, your carpet is surely one of the most prized heirlooms in your home and thus demands the best treatment possible. Now, there are a variety of carpet cleaning services provided by the San Franciscocompanies like dry wash, shampoo cleaning etc. but if you are looking for the most effective professional cleansing of your carpets GreenChoice Carpets recommends the hot/warm water extraction method. This particular carpet cleaning service has been recommended by the authentic associations like IICRC, CRI and almost all the prime carpet mills. Here is an account of the warm water extraction cleaning service which is also known as steam cleaning.

The best part of warm water extraction services is that the process is compatible with any sort of carpet, irrespective of the fiber or the make. This particular carpet cleaning SF service is a specialty of GreenChoice and assures a deep cleaning of your precious carpets without compromising on the carpet durability so that you can always rely on the service for many more years to come.

GreenChoice Steam Cleaning Service

GreenChoice Carpet of San Francisco carpet cleaning services begins with a complete vacuuming of your carpet with high end vacuum cleaner. Here the technicians takes the vacuum along every carpet edge to pick up all the loose dust or hair tufts that usually tend to gather on the carpet sides. The following step involves pre-treatment of the carpet for better cleaning results during the actual cleaning operation. Your carpet will be applied with spot removers that will loosen the surface dust and soil and break them into small particles so that these can be easily picked up during the final cleansing. However, it’s important to mention here that while many companies go for chemical based spot removal solutions GreenChoice cleaning service relies solely on the organic and 100% biodegradable components so that you can be presented with an entirely green and eco-friendly cleaning.

After the pre-treatment comes the actual steam cleaning operation. Now, the GreenChoice technician will employ a steam vacuum procedure from hot temperature water (up to 220 degrees depending on the carpet) which will penetrate deep inside the carpet fibers to extract out all the dirt, soil, stain and dust particles. The pre-treatment followed by a super steam vacuum combines to give your carpet an in-depth and comprehensive cleaning. You will be glad to know that while the other carpet cleaning procedures tend to leave behind a lot of soil and dirt, in steam cleaning there’s hardly any question of residues. The studies have revealed that the warm water extraction process eliminates up till 99% of all the harmful contaminants found in dirty carpets leaving you with a fresh and safe home.

Steam Cleaning Is Easy with GreenChoice

As the steam vacuum is over, your carpet would be kept aside for drying. The drying part takes anywhere between a couple of hours to a day but these days the advancements in the steam cleaning operation has cut short the drying span to two or four hours at most. If you want to have your carpets steam cleaned by Green Choice call us and we can give you an affordable price and arrange a convenient appointment for you.

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