Carpet Cleaning San Francisco – Go Green

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco – Going Green

A professional cleaning service is essential for every carpet if you arelooking for a thorough cleaning. The home based cleaning procedures cannot match to the deep comprehensive cleansing of your carpet fibers that are provided by professional carpet cleaning services in San Francisco who use industrial grade cleaning equipment and methods. However, many people are averse to the idea of professional cleaning given their use of chemical based cleansers. But it’s good to state that the some companies offer green cleaning services and a the most well known is GreenChoice Carpet which has been in business for over 20 years.

The usual chemical based carpet cleaners come with high toxic content which is potentially dangerous for human lives as well as for the environment. It has been found that the traditional chemical cleansers are truly damaging for plant and marine lives and leads to a number of health issues in humans. If you are prone to allergies and they can cause respiratory trouble in kids and pets. Besides, the chemical content carpet cleansers are harsh to the carpet fiber that in turn affects its durability.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in San Francisco

Thus, more and more carpet cleaning San Francisco companies today are going for an eco-friendly solution with their professional cleansing services. GreenChoice carefully selects which cleaners ituses and only uses solutions that have been certified as green and are chemical free and come with low or no VOC percentage. The green cleansers used by GreenChoice are chiefly plant based and composed of natural enzymes, lime extracts, citrus peel, extracts of grapefruit seeds, coconut & corn bases, vegetable fiber, botanical extracts, natural minerals, soybeans, aloe, seeds of meadow foam, cider vinegar etc. These products are biodegradable and thus do not put unnecessary pressure on the environment presenting you with a greener ambience.

Moreover, the green carpet cleansers from the SF carpet cleaning companies do not release the harmful allergens in the air like the chemical cleaners and thus these are 100 percent safe for your pets and kids. The green carpet cleaning San Francisco companies also count on eco-friendly cleaning equipment and machines to present you with a thorough green cleaning.

These new and advanced cleaning machines are developed with a view to use the natural resources smartly so that there can be an effective preservation of these limited supplies. With the green carpet cleaning equipment you are guaranteed of an energy and water efficient service that consumes a much lesser degree of natural resources in comparison to the traditional non-green carpet cleaning practices.

Green Cleaning Just As Effective as Chemicals

Then, it’s also great to add that with the green carpet cleaning procedures, there is no compromise on the cleaning performance. In fact many a times the natural cleansers have outperformed the chemical cleaning solutions. The green products start to function from the molecular level destroying dust mites, odors and soiling. These are also pretty efficient in eliminating your fungal spores, viruses, harmful bacteria or the allergy triggering particles. Besides, the green cleaning products have been found to work wonders with every sort of stain, no matter how stubborn it is. Last but not the least, given its gentle nature, a green cleaning method would leave your carpet with a much softer feel.

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