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The professionals at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are well-trained to clean all types of rugs which include common area rugs, dedicated rugs, expensive ones, or Persian rugs.

However, for oriental rugs cleaning, we use specialized cleaning methods and equipment.

Our workers are highly dedicated to their work.

Moreover, our effective and gentle Oriental rug cleaning process preserves the dye.

Not this but also the fiber of your beautiful rug by leaving the colors of your rug fresh and vibrant.  No doubt that it is useless if the rugs are clean but do not provide the fine look at the end.

However, at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning we understand your problem and work on it.

We work at our best to provide your rugs the everlasting beautiful and fresh look.

At Green Choice, we will carefully inspect your Oriental rug and design the best process to thoroughly clean your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye.

It is important to have a technician who understands the procedures of Oriental cleaning rug correctly and not to use chemicals that would degrade the dyes or machines that would damage the weave and fiber of the Oriental rug.

Our Oriental rug cleaning technicians will clean your rug using only non-toxic green cleansers.

You can rest assured that Green Choice will handle your rug cleaning like experts, who have acquired decades of experience, and will use the proper tools to make your Oriental rug look new again.

To make cleaning your rug even easier, we provide free pick up and delivery to all our Oriental rug clients.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Our cleaning service is customized for your Oriental rug cleaning needs. After inspecting the rug we will determine how best to remove all the dirt, hair, and stains.

We will usually start a gentle hand washing of the rug that will clean deep into the rug’s weave.

Our green rug cleaning solution contains no chemical that would degrade or harm the fiber or dye of your rug.

There are many cleaning products that after usage leave residue behind which attracts all the germs and the dust or dirt by negating the benefits of the rig cleaning.

Well, not to worry because our cleaning products don’t leave any sticky material after the cleaning process.

Our trusted professionals can easily clean every rug and give it a fabulous look.

We ensure you that your rugs are cleaned by professionals and responsible hands and by a professional trained specialist.
Due to the variety of rugs, we provide safer and healthier cleaning for individual rugs and also provide in-home analysis for your favorite rugs and love to clean them with full professionalism.

So why not to give us a small call we would provide you what you deserve.

Our hand washing technique will clean and restore the life of your Oriental area rug.

We do a deep cleaning that removes the dirt from your rug that restores their softness and shine.

Our deep cleaning will also remove any pet odor or stains.

If you want to know more about our Oriental and handmade rug cleaning services, call us to learn more, or arrange to chat with a technician from our Oriental rug cleaning services.

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Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

When it is time to clean your Oriental rug, you should only give your rug to a trained, experienced professional. While Oriental rug can last for decades, they can also be quickly damaged by improper cleaning methods.

If the wrong cleaning solution is used then the dyes in your rug can start to run once the cleaning process starts.

At Green Choice, we carefully test for color fastness. Our trained staff makes sure your rug gets the best cleaning you can find anywhere.

Green Choice is your number one source when it comes to all your rug cleaning needs.

You can always count on Green Choice when it comes to quality green carpet and rug cleaning services. Oriental rugs should always be maintained on a regular basis in order to preserve their value.

Valuable family heirlooms and expensive items should be taken care of and they will last for many years.  

Here at Green Choice we have the type of service you know that you can always count on.

Oriental rug cleaning should only be performed by a diligent and professional company.

Oriental Rugs can be found in many homes as well as offices, these rugs traditionally go very well with hardwood floors and add beauty to any room.

Our in-house Oriental rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the experience to clean your Oriental area rug and extend its life for decades.

If you need more information about why you should choose Green Choice then call us at 1-800-984-4338.

We can arrange for one of our technicians to visit you at home and explain how Green Choice can clean and rejuvenate your Oriental rugs so they look brand new again.

Oriental Rug cleaning service is specially designed in a manner to fit your Oriental rug cleaning needs. Once one of our licensed technicians

How to Clean Oriental Rugs – With Green Choice Carpet Cleaning 

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