cleaning an oriental rugAn Oriental rug is a rug that manufactured by artisan in the Middle East using handmade methods. This includes many different countries including Morocco, Turkey, India and Armenia. The history of Oriental rugs goes back centuries and the craftsmanship continues to carry on the ancient methods of making handmade rugs. Oriental rugs come from a diverse artistic traditions. Each rug making area has its owns traditions and this creates the distinctive artistry of each rug. The iconography of a Moroccan rug is different from a Caucasian rug. Because the dyes the are made from local plants, even the colors vary from village to village. But wherever the rug originated, these are elegant creations that need to be looked after and cleaned if you want to keep their looks and protect it from wearing out.

If you need have your Oriental rug cleaned, it is important that the cleaners know how to clean the rug and use clean methods that will damage the rug. If a cleaner uses the wrong cleaning solution, or if a rug has pet urine, the dyes can run and damage the rug. Green Choice Carpet inspects each rug before cleaning and makes sure the best cleaning process is used.

We have our own state of the art rug cleaning factory where we give Oriental rugs a deep cleaning that removed embedded dust, stains and pet odors. We have give your rug a deep cleaning with our pool cleaning that soaks the rug in our special rug cleaners. Our spin drying technology removes the dirty water in your rug to make sure your rug is clean and dust free. If your rug needs a repair, our repair workshop offer a full range of services from fringe replacement to color restoration. With our trained and experienced staff, we can make your rug look just like new again.

Our cleaning process is the result of our decades of experience in the rug cleaning industry. Our staff will give your rug a great cleaning and help your rug last for many years.

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