How Often Should I Clean My Carpet

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While nothing beats the smell, look and feel of new carpeting, this can unfortunately be short-lived. That’s why regular carpet maintenance is so important. Carpets catch a lot of dirt, dust and other contaminants, no matter how careful you are. Skimp on maintenance, and your carpets can quickly make a room look dingy or even turn it into a health hazard.

While your carpet is still bound to get dirty, no matter how often you use it, taking some preventive measures can greatly minimize wear and tear. The truth is, your carpet is a lot like a giant filter, and it will catch dust from anywhere – an open window, your air conditioning system, or even dead skin cells.

These accumulate at surprising speed and, besides making your room look unsightly, can quickly turn your carpet into a magnet for allergies and other bothersome ailments. You should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every twelve months, as this will ensure they remain in optimum condition.

The durability of your carpet not only depends on how many times a week you take the pain to clean the carpet, but also on the effort you put in and the methods you use to clean them. A carpet with debris and other oily residues will damage the fibers of your carpet if they are not removed. The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the deeper the dirt will move inside the carpet and damage the fibers. There are quite a few factors which need to be considered to conclude how often your carpet requires cleaning.

If you have a big family with small kids and maybe even pets too, then cleaning the carpet has to be quite a regular practice. If you have people at home who smoke, ashes will fall on the carpet and can be harmful to the fibers if not removed. Vacuum cleaning the carpets is not a difficult task these days with the light and small vacuums available in the market. The carpet needs to be vacuumed at least once a week if you have got kids, pets and smokers taking shelter under the same roof as yours.

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Using a Carpet Cleaning Company

To make sure that your carpet remains in a good condition for many years, call up a professional carpet cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet. These professional cleaners know the best way to clean carpets without causing any kind of damage whatsoever. They will use the right cleaning products and will have the best cleaning tools which we cannot possess. Green Choice will help improve the condition of your carpets and increase its lifespan. They will even guide you and give you tips on how to clean the carpets efficiently. You should use their service at least once or twice a year.

It is really hard to pin-point the number of times the carpet needs cleaning as it is dependent on quite a few factors which vary from house to house. It depends on the lifestyle you are leading and how dirty does your carpet gets everyday. Some people are so cautious about their carpet’s cleanliness that they do not let anything spill on the carpet. Such people need not clean their carpets on a regular basis. Even the environment around your house plays a role here. If you live in an area which is quite polluted and faces the main road then you have to clean the carpet regularly.

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Carpet Cleaning and Your Health

It is also believed that carpets reduce the allergens and dust particles from the air present above it. If your carpet is dirty or is filled with allergens then you probably have a lower quality of air inside your house than outside. Having a clean carpet helps ensure that you breathe in air which is much more pure compared to the outdoor air. The carpet cleaning companies are well aware of these facts and provide their best services to the customers whenever they are needed. Green Choice is a green carpet cleaning company that uses only Eco-friendly cleaners and can dramatically improve the air quality in your home with their carpet cleaning service.

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