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How Do You Clean Oriental Rugs?

People have been using the oriental rugs for centuries and it remains a popular decorative item even today. Oriental rugs are elaborately designed which makes them look very appealing. If you keep them clean, oriental rugs will always bring that extra charm to your rooms. Make your best efforts to keep the dirt away from these rugs. Avoid spilling drinks and food on these oriental rugs as then you will need to clean it up thoroughly. Nevertheless we all know that someday or the other the rug will get dirty and you will have to clean it up.

One good thing which you can follow is to instruct everyone to enter the house or the room with the shoes been taken off. This will lessen the chances of dirt reaching your rugs. Wearing socks is another good practice which will safeguard your rug from the natural oils which are present in the human skin. Walking barefooted will result in the deposit of our body oil on the rugs, affecting it for the worse in the long run. Sometimes because of these natural oils, we see stains from our feet on the rugs, and these are difficult to remove.

Some people have this habit of cleaning their carpets and rugs very regularly, even when it is not required. Keep a balance and wash the rugs when you feel it is required. Washing the rugs even when it is not required will hamper its durability to some extent too. When you feel that you cannot carry out the washing process on your own then get help from one of your nearest oriental rug cleaning professionals.

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Regularly Clean Your Oriental Rug

Vacuum cleaning is the easiest and the most common way of cleaning these oriental rugs, but at times these rugs need some extra washing, that is when the vacuum fails to pull out all the dust which has seeped inside the Oriental rug. Hold up the rug in air and thump it from behind. If you witness a cloud of dust then it requires something more and better than vacuum cleaning. This would not have occurred if you would have vacuum cleaned the oriental rugs regularly. Once or twice a week is more than sufficient for vacuum cleaning; more than that will damage the particles of the rugs.

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Green Choice Oriental Rug Cleaning is the Best

At least every year you should consult with a professional Oriental rug cleaner like Green Choice Carpet. Your Oriental rug is a valuable investment and you need to keep it clean or risk losing its value if it gets too dirty or damaged. Dust and dirt can become almost impossible to remove once they get embedded into the rug fibers and can only be removed by professional cleaning. Cleaning an Oriental rug at home is very difficult because it requires skill and knowledge about how to protect the rugs’ dyes and fabric. Green Choice has over two decades of experience and a highly trained staff that can provide you with an excellent cleaning service and give you back a beautifully clean Oriental rug that last for generations.

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