The natural way to Clean Silk Rugs 

Silk rugs are very expensive and, if cleaned in the wrong hands, can have their dye and fiber damaged beyond repair. At Green Choice Rug Cleaning , we will carefully examine your silk rug and formulate the best method to clean your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye. It is important to have an experienced technician who has the expertise to clean a Silk rug correctly and not to use chemicals that would degrade the dyes or machines that would damage the weave and fiber of the Silk rug. Our rug cleaning technicians will clean your Silk rug using only Eco-friendly, green cleansers. We only hand wash silk rugs since machine washing is damaging to a silk rug. You can rest assured that Green Choice Rug Cleaning will handle your rug cleaning like experts, who have acquired decades of experience, and will use the proper tools to make your silk rug look new again.

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How We Clean Silk Rugs

Our cleaning service is customized for your silk rug cleaning needs. After examining the rug we will determine how best to remove all the dirt, hair and stains. We will perform a careful hand washing of the rug. Our Eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions contain no chemical that would degrade the dye or fiber of the rug.

Our hand washing technique is designed to clean and restore the life of your silk rug. If you want to know more about our rug cleaning services, call us for more information, or arrange to chat with an expert technician about our silk rug cleaning service.

Eco-friendly Carpet cleaning

Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

With two decades of experience we have cleaned many Silk area rugs that were damaged not by dirt, wear, or pet stains, but from improper rug cleaning due to chemicals or machine washing. Putting a silk rug in a washing machine will cause the dyes to bleed and run yet untrained rug cleaners do this all the time. There are some rug cleaners who will damage your silk rug because they lack the experience in dealing with handmade silk rugs.

We have seen many cases of carpet damage due to improper cleaning methods. When carpet shampoo residue is left behind, the incorrect cleaning solution is selected, or the color of your rug is not “set” before cleaning, your rug will look clean, at first, but will fade at a far more rapid pace than if it were cleaned properly. Anytime you clean a silk rug, you have to carefully select your cleaners and tools to prevent any loss of color and pile in the rug. At Green Choice you can be assured that our methods will deep clean your silk rug and remove dirt and stains and restore it back so it looks new again.

Silk rugs are some of the most beautiful and expensive rugs that you can purchase. Such valuable rugs require a special skill set. Not every silk rug cleaning company is the same.  Trust the care of your valuable silk rugs to a quality service provider such as Green Choice, we only use non harmful cleaning solutions that will preserve your rug.

Traditional silk rug cleaning methods can actually be harmful to your carpet. Many carpet cleaning solutions actually contain harmful chemicals that can harm both your carpet as well as your environment.  These toxic compounds also emit a foul odor that can linger in your home or office for weeks to come. Green Choice only uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that do not leave a foul scent.  

Non organic carpet cleaners are not only harmful to your carpet but they can also be harmful to your family, customers or even pets.  Non organic cleaning methods almost always involve the use of cleaners that contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, pesticides as well perfumes. These chemicals may cause allergic reactions in people as well as pets. It is not uncommon to suffer from a head ache due to the contaminants within these cleaners.

Our in-house silk rug cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the expertise to clean your silk area rug and extend its life for decades.

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