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There are many great reasons why you should switch to using organic cleaning products. Uncover these reasons and try these three simple homemade cleaning products for the kitchen.

Keep toxins out of your home. (Most homemade products are toxin-free!) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental household poisonings affect more than 300 children in the United States every day. If you keep the medicine cabinet locked and use cleaning products that are safe, you’re reducing your risk of an accident.

Use natural products because someone in your home has asthma or allergies. (Organic cleaners are much better to use around those with sensitivities.) Interestingly enough, the stuff that you clean with can actually make you sick, essentially negating the benefits of cleaning itself. According to the Environmental Working Group, conventional cleaning products and artificial fragrances can trigger asthma, can include low levels of 1,4-dioxane (a carcinogen), and can even include low levels of formaldehyde (another carcinogen) without disclosure.

Green Choice is a leader in the carpet industry for using green alternatives to the usual chemically based cleaning that is the norm in the carpet cleaning business. Regular carpet cleaning products usually contain ingredients that are considered to be health risks. One common ingredient is perchloroethene, or “perc”. (This is also used in dry cleaning) Perc can cause headaches and nausea if you come in contact with it. It is also believed to cause cancer. This is just one of the potentially dangerous chemicals that regular carpet cleaning solutions use and bring into your home or apartment. Green Choice only uses green ingredients that are safe and biodegradable and will not impact your home environment. This means it is safe to use with children and pets in the house during cleaning. Also if you have allergies, our green cleaners will not set off allergic reactions during the cleaning.

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Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning?

Using a green carpet cleaner has many benefits over using a chemical cleaner. If the wrong chemical cleaner is used, which often happens with inexperienced carpet cleaners, the chemical solution can damage the fiber and dye in your carpet or rug. During the cleaning and drying process various chemicals get released into the air. These fumes can often cause headaches and dizziness and will remain in the air as long as your carpet dries out. Children and pets are especially susceptible to these fumes since they will be breathing closer to the carpet. Finally a chemical residue can remain if the carpet is not properly rinsed out after cleaning. This residue can attract dirt and cause your carpet to become dirty again very quickly. In contrast our green cleanser contain only safe ingredients and leave no residue behind.

Our green ingredients are just as efficient at cleaning your carpets as chemical cleaners. Our Eco-friendly service will give your carpet a deep cleaning and remove deeply embedded dirt and stains that will make your carpet look new again. The cleaning enzymes we use are natural and many of them are found in foods we eat. If you choose Green Choice you can be sure we will clean your carpets and rugs chemically free and keep your home free from dangerous chemicals and toxins. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is just as effective as regular carpet cleaning but much safer and just as affordable.

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