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Green Choice Is a Green Company

Want to keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh but concerned about the chemicals used to clean them? Our green carpet cleaning products are an excellent choice! Our eco-friendly, Green certified carpet cleaners are perfect for use on carpets commonly found in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and more.

Our eco-friendly stain removers are sure to help keep your carpets cleaner in between deep cleanings. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are sure to help your business acquire new customers that are concerned about harsh chemicals and “going green.”

This eco-friendly carpet cleaning is very effective. Our green carpet cleaning actively breaks up the stains in the carpet while making them easy to scrub out of the carpet. What’s more, since our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions are so effective, there is no need for large amounts of water, so your carpet will dry in about one hour!

When it comes to getting a natural carpet cleaning that is safe for both you and the environment, you’ll want to go with us.

Green Choice had been a pioneer in the carpet cleaning industry for introducing green alternatives to the usual chemically based cleaning that is the norm for the carpet cleaning business. Green Choice is family-owned and operated. Our mission is to offer the easiest and highest quality service in the areas that we so proudly service. We provide the most hassle-free cleaning service, at the most affordable pricing, using safe organic cleansers. As a green company, we will not use any chemicals or introduce any chemicals into your home.

Chemical Cleaners Can Cause Health Problems

Anytime you use chemical carpet cleaners you risk adding their toxins into the air and your home environment. Regular carpet cleaning solutions often contain the same ingredients that dry cleaners use which are known to be dangerous to the environment and can cause health problems. Chemical cleaners can give off strong odors that can affect people with chronic respiratory conditions and allergies. These cleaners are a particular risk to children and pets since they breath closer to the carpet and can pick up the chemical residues and ingest them. That’s why we would never use any rug, carpet, or upholstery cleaning product in your home that we would not use in ours. We understand that not every person has the time or information to investigate every toxic carpet cleaning chemical on the market, so we make sure to keep you protected by only selected organic non-toxic chemicals. GreenChoice will not introduce any chemical cleaner into your home. We will use only safe natural non-toxic carpet cleaning products. Our green cleaners are biodegradable, and because they do not contain any chemicals, dry out much faster vastly reducing the risks of molding forming during the drying process. Our cleaners will protect the fiber of your carpet and will not change the color of the carpet’s dyes.

So, from our family to yours, we appreciate your interest in Green Choice Carpet and hope to service your cleaning needs in the future.

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