Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

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Our carpet shampoo is green cleanser specially formulated to fully clean your carpet and do it in a safe, Eco-friendly way. If your carpet has not been cleaned in several years, our carpet shampoo will deep clean your carpet and remove heavy duty dirt and stains. Our special green deep carpet cleaning formula will penetrate and lift out dirt and stains and then be vacuumed out of your carpet. While chemical carpet shampoos leave a chemical residue, a green cleaner is biodegradable and leaves no residue behind. Green Choice Eco-friendly cleaners leave your carpets safe and non-toxic for your children and pets.

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Our Shampoo Cleaning Process

At Green Choice we use our green carpet cleaning shampoo which contains no chemical that would degrade or harm the fiber or dye of your rug. Regular shampoo leaves a sticky residue that attracts dirt and resoils the carpet. They can also contain color brighteners so while they make the carpet brighter and cleaner after washing, after time they degrade and can create a yellow tinge in your carpet. Green Choice green cleaners do not contain any brightener or chemical that would harm your carpet. Once Green Choice shampoos are applied our shampooers agitate the cleaners deep into the carpet to lift out the dirt and stains by trapping it in the foam. Finally we use special vacuums to suck the shampoo up leaving your carpet restored to original beauty.

Why Professional Shampoo Cleaning?

Our trained staff uses the latest technology to shampoo your carpets. Our machines are much more powerful than what you can rent and our staff is fully trained on the best way to use them to deep clean your carpet. In addition our staff is trained to get the most out the equipment and our special organic shampoo. They check for stains, worn areas and for pet odors. One common problem with home shampoos is that a chemical residue can get left behind. With our green cleansers no chemicals are used and your carpet will dry out and be safe and toxin free.

Many of the toxic chemicals used by most non organic carpet cleaners leave tiny particles that stay in air for weeks to come. These tiny chemical particles are not exactly human friendly. They are known to make people sick. Organic and green carpet cleaning solutions provide consumers with an alternative. No need to suffer headaches because of the noxious fumes emitted by traditional cleaning methods. Children may also suffer additional harm from these chemicals while playing on the floor. Pets may also be exposed to these nasty harmful chemicals used by non organic green carpet cleaning shampoos.
Our in-house carpet shampoo cleaning specialists and certified technicians have the experience to shampoo your carpet and give you back a fresh and clean carpet.

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