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What to look for in a SF carpet cleaning company

Are you on the lookout for an effective carpet cleaning San Francisco service? Well, every carpet needs professional attention at least once a year for a thorough cleansing which is not possible with home-made solutions. But you have to be very careful while picking up your carpet cleaning service in the Bay Area since every cleaning service out there cannot give you an effective cleaning. Thus, the post here aims to jots down some of the things you need to check while hiring a San Francisco carpet cleaning company. Here are the pointers.

Carpet Cleansing Method

Your chosen carpet cleaning San Francisco Company must be well versed in different advanced carpet cleansing procedures so that it can serve you as per the different client needs. It’s especially good if the cleaning company employs warm water extraction policy as this is considered to be one of the most efficient carpet cleaning procedures today. Besides, keeping in mind the deteriorating environmental situation today, it’s needed that your preferred company has a specialization in green cleaning services. The natural cleaning procedures rely on energy and water saving cleaning practices as well as using only the chemical free organic cleansers so that you can be presented with a clean and safe surrounding. Don’t forget to check the company’s green seal to ensure that the services provided by them are 100% according to environmental standards. GreenChoice only uses certified green cleaners for your carpet and rugs.

Trained Technicians

The ideal carpet cleaning San Francisco Company should be armed with a great team of thoroughly trained technicians. The cleaning experts from the company should be well versed in all the updated cleaning instruments and solutions. At GreenChoice, we have over 20 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry and only hire experienced technicians.

Carpet inspection & Pretreatment

Every credible and truly professional carpet cleaning company in SFshould promise of an inspection and pre-treatment program of your carpet before starting out with the actual cleansing curriculum. The inspection process is necessary to determine the fabric quality of the carpet so that it can be treated accordingly. The pre-treatment method implies preparing the carpet with solutions for better cleansing during the final cleaning operation. Just check that your chosen company uses a plant based biodegradable solution exclusively. GreenChoice is happy to arrange a inspection at no cost or obligation. Our tech can then give you a detailed estimate and explanation of how we will clean your carpet.

Insurance Coverage

It’s necessary to check whether your preferred carpet cleaning service in San Francisco offers for insurance coverage. Every professional carpet cleansing service should provide an adequate insurance coverage to save the customers from any mistakes committed by their employees. GreenChoice is fully insured and bonded so you know that we are a company that is committed to high business standards.

Service guarantee

It’s also necessary that your selected professional carpet cleaner in San Francisco offers for a service guarantee on their previous services to you in case anything happens such as if the stains come back or there is any sign of re-soil. At GreenChoice if a stain reappears we will come back and re-clean your carpet for free and make sure that stain is gone for good.

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