Difference between Traditional Carpet Cleaning and Green Carpet Cleaning

Mar 03, 2022

“Carpet cleaning processes that are environmentally friendly prevent the use of soaps and chemicals, focusing instead on environmentally friendly cleaners, and cutting-edge technology to thoroughly clean and restore the carpet. Green cleaning products are non-toxic and good to the environment.”

Being raised in today’s world has given us a thorough understanding of the chemicals in our food, as well as the chemicals in the cleaning products we use to keep our home clean.

There is no doubt in our minds about the possible harm it may do to our loved ones. As well as to our beloved pets. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, it’s important to look into the kind of chemicals that will be used on our floors by the company that we choose to work with.

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What Is Green Carpet Cleaning?


As the name implies, green carpet cleaning is a process in which a professional carpet cleaner uses ecologically friendly chemicals to thoroughly clean the fibers of your rug.

They are safe to use on bare feet, on babies, and on pets.

These cleansers, which are also known as non-toxic chemicals or sustainable formulations. Are made from natural ingredients.

Because green cleaning solutions are hypoallergenic. You can rest certain that they will not worsen any allergies that you or your family members may be suffering from when a professional carpet cleaner uses them.

The argument that green carpet cleaning does not remove as much bacteria as traditional carpet cleaning chemicals is unsupported by facts, contrary to common assumption – this is just not true.

There are several ecologically friendly carpet cleaning solutions available on the market that effectively remove stains, pet hair, bacteria, and other impurities from carpets.

These cleaners will also leave your carpets smelling fresh after they have been professionally cleaned and will not leave any residue behind after they have been professionally cleaned on your carpets.

Services and Solutions

Nowadays, the equipment that is utilized for green carpet cleaning is already energy-efficient and made of ecologically friendly components that will have no bad impact on you, your family, or the environment when used correctly.

With green carpet cleaning, technology makes use of degradable cleaning chemicals that can clean your carpet while also eradicating stains, bacteria, and unpleasant smells, as well as making your carpet appear as if it was just installed.

Aside from that, green cleaning uses less water than typical cleaning methods, which, in the long run, allows your carpets to dry more quickly in the end.

When dealing with repair work such as water damage, you may discover that green carpet cleaning is advantageous in the future.

It is not necessary to use chemicals that are possibly harmful to your home or to the health of your family while doing green carpet cleaning.

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Green Carpet Cleaning Companies


The skills of experts can be relied on for efficient green carpet cleaning when it comes to commercial and residential carpet cleaning services.

While you’re waiting, you may get free green carpet cleaning quotes.

Finding a professional carpet cleaning company in your region and inquiring whether or not they use environmentally friendly chemicals and techniques for carpet cleaning is a good place to start.

An ordinary carpet cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly carpet cleaning equipment would make this explicit on their website, along with their general price structure, to avoid confusion.

Green Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself

The possibility of cleaning your carpet in an ecologically responsible manner without the use of harsh and occasionally hazardous chemicals has been demonstrated.

To remove stains from wine, dirt, or other substances, you may use salt or baking soda, among other things, as a cleaning agent.

Baking soda is also great in removing odors from carpets; simply apply it to the places you desire to freshen up and allow it to sit for a few hours to achieve the most effective effects.

Additional easy green carpet cleaning alternatives, in addition to shaking out rugs outside, which allows dust and allergens to escape into the open air, are available.

A number of merchants and hardware stores provide environmentally friendly cleaning products, which are growing increasingly popular.

This provides a homeowner with the flexibility to choose how they wish to clean and sterilize their house, saving them money.

In addition, requesting green cleaning from your restoration cleaners may prove to be beneficial.

The number of professional cleaning companies in the United States who do not employ environmentally friendly methods is progressively declining across the board.

Depending on their own personal experience, cleaning specialists may also be able to provide you with extra tips and ideas that will benefit you.

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Impact on the Rug

Standard carpet cleaning processes, contrary to popular belief. Make use of detergents and chemicals that are difficult to remove from carpet fibers, which may come as a surprise to you.

In spite of multiple thorough rinses with a large volume of hot water, it is likely that a sticky residue will remain in the carpet.

When the carpet dries, there is a noticeable “crunch” in the fibers, which supports this claim.

This residue also works as a magnet for dirt, causing your carpet to become stained far sooner than it should.

As a result, it is not merely a fiction of your imagination.

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When you use regular detergents and shampoos on your carpets, you will notice that they will grow filthy much more quickly than usual.

The use of highly effective water-based cleaning solutions in eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods allows the removal of the green cleaning solution from the carpet when cleaning the carpet.

Since there is no sticky residue left on your carpet, it will feel softer and retain its freshness longer than it was.

The Effect on You and Your Family…

It is possible that the use of harsh and powerful chemicals in typical carpet cleaning processes can cause skin irritation in people and pets that come into close contact with the chemicals.

Additionally, because of the strength of these chemicals. They require a prolonged water rinse that might saturate the carpet and pad. Resulting in longer drying periods and the spread of bacteria.

Using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning processes eliminates the need to employ potentially dangerous chemicals.

It is instead of these hypoallergenic cleansers that are fully safe for both people and pets to use.

There are no hazardous gases released, as well as the capacity to absorb dirt, cleaning solution. Other pollutants fast and efficiently, prevent saturation and reduce drying times to an absolute minimum.

The Effect on the Environment…

It is possible that the use of traditional cleaning chemicals will have significant consequences on your health. The health of your family, as well as having a bad influence on the environment.

What happens to the chemicals used to clean your carpet after completing a professional carpet cleaning operation?

Will they be transported and neutralized in the proper manner, or will they just be flushed down the toilet and forgotten about?

What is the risk that they will seep into the soil or harm neighboring streams and groundwater in the long run?

In green carpet cleaning techniques, natural, ecologically friendly carpet cleaning solutions are utilized instead of dangerous chemicals to clean the carpets.

Because the water-based cleaners are completely biodegradable and non-toxic to both people and animals. You won’t have to be concerned about any bad consequences.

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1. Healthier Alternative


You may lessen your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals by cleaning your carpet with environmentally friendly products and processes.

These chemicals might create major health problems if you are not careful.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency. Several typical carpet cleaning chemicals are harmful to those who have respiratory difficulties, as well as to children and dogs that come into contact with them.

The fact that green cleaning is non-toxic makes it a perfect choice for cleaning in enclosed spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Less Environmental Pollution

In addition to polluting the environment. The harsh chemicals used in most typical cleaning solutions have been shown to cause long-term harm to the ecosystem.

It is not necessary to discharge any harmful solutions. Eco-friendly cleaning activities can lead to the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment because the working materials are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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3. Reduces Water and Energy Consumption

The water used for green carpet cleaning is substantially less than that required for normal carpet cleaning.

As the number of solid waste decreases, the amount of water and energy required to achieve the desired result decreases.

You will be able to take pleasure in a trustworthy cleaning service without having to worry about the impact on the environment.

4. Extends the Life of your Carpet

You may clean your carpet using environmentally friendly chemicals without causing damage to the fibers. Allowing the beauty and strength of the carpet fibers to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Carpet cleaning is a cost-effective and time-saving procedure. That will save you time since your carpet will dry faster as a result of its effectiveness.

5. Cost-Effective


Comparing green carpet cleaning to other carpet cleaning techniques. Green carpet cleaning is a more cost-effective alternative to regular carpet cleaning methods.

To clean the carpets, it is necessary to use special soaps and detergents. Which can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Using green carpet cleaning, on the other hand, there is no need to purchase soap or expensive cleaning chemicals.

Because you avoid falling into these traps, you will save money in the long run.

When it comes to green or natural carpet cleaning. The hot water extraction method is used, which saves a considerable amount of water compared to the traditional methods.

This method allows you to preserve around 80% of the water that you would have otherwise used in your garden.

The steam is powerful enough to completely remove dirt and grime from your carpeting.

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6. Save Your Time

Another big advantage of hiring a professional carpet restoration service. Eco-friendly cleaning business is that it saves you a great amount of time and work over doing it yourself.

Since time is the equivalent of money, it is important to do the cleaning work as quickly as possible.

When you wash your carpet with a significant amount of water. It will take a long time for it to be completely dried.

If the carpet is moist, it will emit an unpleasant odor into the room. It is not suggested that you use the carpet in this situation.

Because the carpet dries in a short period of time after being cleaned. With the steam or hot water extraction process. They can reuse the carpet immediately following the cleaning.

Here are a Few Options:

Planet Guard Carpet Cleaner/Rinse: Because it has been certified green and contains only natural. Food-grade ingredients, this product does not include any surfactants (detergents) or soaps.

This solution is also used as a general pre-spray, in addition to being used for traffic treatment.

Wine Away: Red stains are our preferred choice since they are adaptable. They may be used on a variety of other acidic stains as well.

It is created from fruit and vegetable extracts and clean water. It is manufactured just north of us in Washington State.

The product is called Wine Away and it is manufactured just north of us in Washington State.

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UrineLock BioEnzyme Deodorizer by MasterBlend: Do you have any animals that you keep as pets? Then you’ll very certainly have to deal with pet stains as well.

A bio enzyme deodorization treatment is the most efficient approach for removing biomatter. It’s from your rugs, carpets, and upholstery since it is fast and effective.

It is impossible for soaps and detergents to do what bio enzymes can. They break the chemical bonds that have formed. Between the salts in stains and the material to which they have been attached.

As a result, the noxious substance is completely removed rather than being concealed by fragrance.

Green Carpet Cleaning Costs and Ideas

Generally speaking, the cost of green carpet cleaning is roughly $80 per room and approximately $120 for two rooms.

For every extra room, the total cost will increase by around $40-$50.

The more you use the green carpet cleaning service, the more probable it is that the price will be decreased.

Cleaning your home or place of work on a regular basis is another important factor to take into consideration.

It is actually necessary to clean your carpet on a regular basis in order to avoid dirt. The debris from sticking to your carpet for lengthy periods of time.

By visiting this website, you can see a comparison between the costs of traditional carpet cleaning. The costs of green carpet cleaning.

If you need help making a decision. We hope that our detailed article about home carpet cleaning will be of assistance.

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