Top Myths About Rug Cleaning

Generally speaking, rental machines will lift some dirt from your rugs, and your rugs may even appear cleaner as a result—but they will not remove all of the deep, embedded filth that is usually there. As a result, that “clean” appearance will not last for very long at all.

If you do a search on the internet, you will discover that there are many misconceptions about rug cleaning services.

Rug cleaning is a huge operation that demands the assistance of a professional cleaner with extensive knowledge.

The prospect of hiring a professional cleaning may cause some homeowners anxiety, prompting them to thoroughly research the pros and cons of hiring a professional cleaner.

Here are some of the most prevalent rug cleaning myths and upkeep that people have come to believe, all of which have been proven false by our research.

Rug Cleaning Myths

1. If you Vacuum your Rug too Frequently, you will Wear out the Rug more Quickly.

Prior to the invention of synthetic fiber rugs, rugs were not intended to endure as long as they do today.

Prior-generation rugs, due to the density of the rug fibers as well as the length of the strands, showed symptoms of wear and tear considerably more quickly, even when vacuumed often.

Modern rugs, on the other hand, is constructed to withstand repeated rug.

Although many individuals vacuum their rug every day, your rug will be able to survive the wear and tear of everyday life.

To properly care for your rug, make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that is in good operating order when vacuuming.

Maintain the brush roller’s functionality by turning the vacuum back and forth on its axis while you are moving the vacuum.

2. Only Clean them when They Get Dirty

The fact that dirt is not visible in the threads of your rug does not rule out the potential that dirt is present in the threads of your rug.

Dust, sand, and other abrasive particles track into our rugs and rugs, where microscopic abrasive particles begin to damage the fibers, causing wear and tear.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your rug on a regular basis will help to loosen and remove dirt, hence increasing the longevity of your rug.

3. Vacuuming is the Same as Deep Cleaning

Cleaning their rugs at least once a week, as many people assume, will suffice to keep them in good condition.

This is advantageous in terms of day-to-day cleanliness; however, you may not be aware that over time, harmful allergens such as dust mites and mold, as well as normal dust and filth, can become trapped deep inside rug strands, making it difficult to remove them.

Automobile exhaust, mushrooms, and pollen can all be found in rugs, and they can be tough to remove with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Due to the potential for certain allergens and pollutants to worsen asthma and other respiratory disorders, they should be treated with extreme caution.

A trained steam cleaner will penetrate to the deepest levels of dirt and grime, resulting in a clean and healthy rug, as well as a clean and healthy environment in general.

In order to ensure that these deep-seated poisons are effectively eliminated from your rugs, we recommend that you steam clean them once or twice a year.

4. A New Rug Does Not Need Cleaning

First and foremost, you must ensure that the rug you select is acceptable for the environment in which it will be installed.

As soon as you’ve made the decision to acquire your rug, don’t fall for the myth that new rugs require no cleaning until they become discolored or odorous.

It’s impossible to imagine something that is further from the truth than this.

As quickly as possible, get started.

It is unavoidable that more dirt will accumulate on your cherished rug as a result of delaying the cleaning process.

As a rug, you won’t be able to see the minute particles that cuddled deep within the threads, after all.

Gravity has an effect on the accumulation of dirt in rugs as well.

It is vital to the long-term health of your rug that you begin cleaning it as soon as possible after it has been installed.

It is important not to allow dirt and dust to accumulate on the surface of your rug because this will detract from its aesthetic appeal.

5. Steam Cleaning Rugs Lead to Mildew Growth.

It is not necessary to use water when steaming cleaning rugs, but rather hot steam is applied to the rug fibers.

When you use a rental steam cleaner on your rugs while you’re at the grocery store, you increase the likelihood that the machine will not be in great operating order when you return.

It is also necessary to receive specialized training in steam cleaning.

For example, if you spend a long period of time in one spot, your rug may become soaked with moisture.

Professional rug steam cleaning machines are of the greatest quality when it comes to rug cleaning.

During the cleaning procedure, the operator knows how to steam clean your rug without soaking it in the process.

Let your rug dry thoroughly after it has been steam cleaned.

This will assist to prevent mildew from forming on your rug.

6. Rented Machines Are Just As Effective As Having Rugs Cleaned Professionally

Generally speaking, rental machines will lift some dirt from your rugs or rugs, and your rugs may even appear cleaner as a result—but they will not remove all of the deep, embedded filth that is usually there.

As a result, that “clean” appearance will not last for very long at all.

Cleaners that work for a professional company not only have better supplies and equipment but are also trained on how to use that equipment to its maximum ability.

Making a regular habit of having your rugs and rugs professionally cleaned can ensure they remain cleaner for longer periods of time.

7. Professional Cleaning is not needed

A common misconception is that hiring a professional rug cleaning is an unnecessary expense.

This is not true at all.

Beyond the health and sanitation problems stated above, neglecting to clean your rug on a regular basis will result in it lasting less time.

Home rug steam cleaners, whether purchased or rented, are popular among those who want to save money on rug cleaning by cleaning their rugs themselves rather than paying a professional rug cleaner.

As a result, they will not be able to properly clean your rugs as thoroughly as a commercial cleaning machine.

In addition, recreating the knowledge of a licensed professional, who can not only thoroughly remove build-up and allergens but will also know how to identify and treat possible problem areas, is challenging.

8. Rugs with Built-in Stain Resistance don’t Need Cleaning

Rugs that have been treated with stain guards, such as Stainmaster, are designed to withstand spills and stains for as long as feasible.

It is no different than any other rug when it comes to dirt and grime accumulation on a daily basis.

A stain guarded rug needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, just like any other rug.

9. A Rug Deodorant is Enough

The belief that one’s rug would last indefinitely is another common misconception among rug owners.

If you want to temporarily keep the freshness and smell of your rug. You can use a powder rug deodorant that you can sprinkle on top of it.

And if you think that vacuuming your rugs would suffice to remove these talcum deodorants or to clean your rugs in general, you are mistaken!

Nothing you do, no matter how hard you try, will be able to completely remove this powder from your rug. And you should never attempt to clean it with water, as it will react with the water and cause irreversible damage to your rug.

10. Baking Soda is an Effective Rug Cleaner.

Many people use baking soda sprinkled on their rug to clean it and remove odors, which works well for both purposes.

However, while baking soda can be useful in absorbing certain types of contaminants, a sprinkle of baking soda on the surface of your rug fibers will achieve little more than temporary relief.

Baking soda is ineffective at removing stains from rugs.

It will not, however, prevent unpleasant odors from returning until the source of the odors has been identified and removed from the premises.

It is only through expert steam cleaning that you can be certain that your rugs are totally clean on the inside and the outside.

11. Steam Cleaning is not Good for the Rug

If you don’t clean your rug on a regular basis, it will become increasingly difficult to remove all of the soil and allergens from it.

The accumulation of abrasive debris scrapes against the rug’s fibers, causing the rug to become damaged sooner rather than later.

It is not necessary to get your rug professionally cleaned in order to maintain its “new” sheen or avoid damaging the fibers; instead, it will keep your rug looking and feeling new for a longer period of time.

12. Deep Cleaning the Rug will Change it

Cleaning your rug professionally will alter the appearance of your rug. But only in the sense that the appearance that is currently visible after the rug has been cleaned will be altered.

It is possible that your rug will be restored to almost new condition if not brand new. Once it has been properly deep cleaned and mended.

13. All Cleaning Methods Are the Similar

This is not true.

The use and wear and tear on wool rugs, for example, is too considerable, and the rug will become damaged as a result.

Due to the fact that wool rugs are more resistant to wear and tear than jute rugs. The cleaning procedures used on a wool rug would differ from those used on a jute rug.

Regardless matter whether you want to have your rug chemically cleaned, shampooed, or steam cleaned. Always inspect the rug’s substance first to ensure that no damage done to it.

Professional rug cleaners would be the best qualified to determine which process should be performed. Which type of rug or upholstery.

14. Needs to be Cleaned Only if Stained

Even with regular vacuuming, your rug will accumulate a layer of grime that is not visible when viewed from the side.

When you have dogs or small children in the house, it is advised that you have your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. And if not more frequently.

15. Store Brand Rug Cleaners are Good

The rugs of today are made from a diverse range of materials, which is unique to the modern world.

Consider the rug manufacturer’s instructions.

You will find that the majority of them do not recommend using a store-brand cleaner on the rug in question.

In addition to the potential for irreversible damage and discoloration of your rug fibers. You run the danger of drawing even more attention to the stain.

In the following step, you should contact a professional rug cleaner to remove the rug stains.

16. Rugs Get Dirtier After They Are Cleaned

In the case of a rug cleaning job with a rented steam cleaner or other spot removers. There’s a significant chance you won’t be able to properly rinse out the soap. And you’ll left with soap residue in your rug after cleaning it.

When that sticky residue is left on your rug. It will act as a magnet, attracting dirt and dust into the fibers. Leading them to get more dirty and unclean over time.

Your rug will be thoroughly cleaned by a competent cleaner. It allows it to remain clean for a longer period of time once the cleaning process is over.

17. Deep Cleaning can Cause Rug to Shrink

A rug cleaner who has not been adequately educated is only capable of doing this. Which is the most common occurrence.

A common mistake committed by untrained rug cleaners is the overuse of moisture in their cleaning operations.

Using a well-trained rug cleaning specialist will result in an amazing job, with no need to worry about shrinkage.


Do you find it irritating when certain superstitions and beliefs? Prohibit you from doing anything that could ultimately help you in your circumstance to improve it?

In many cases, misconceptions about rug cleaning prohibit people from getting rugs cleaned in a manner. That they should be cleaned in an ideal circumstance. It will, nevertheless, be incredibly advantageous to debunk these misconceptions in order to ensure that your rug. Remains clean and hygienic for an extended period of time. As well as to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

It will also assist you in making the best decision possible. When it comes to hiring a professional rug cleaning company to clean your rug.

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