Biggest Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Mar 16, 2022
Rug Cleaning Mistakes

When it comes to appreciating and caring for your area rug in the living room or your foyer’s runner rug, there’s nothing more important than cleaning. It is in a way that will ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. While still looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. It is possible to assume that you are applying all of the necessary procedures. But the reality may be completely different from your assumptions.

A large amount of precious floor space in your home is taken up by your rug.

To ensure that your home is both warm and elegant. It is almost inevitable that you choose it with great care and attention to detail.

Apart from that, who can deny the joy and comfort of wandering barefoot through a velvety plump. Plush rug, or of sitting on it with your loved ones while watching television or playing indoor games!

When it comes to rug maintenance, the fundamental rules apply. If you take good care of your rug, it will take good care of you in return.

It is critical to thoroughly clean the rug regularly, as well as regularly.

Biggest Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Elbow Grease


Two things can happen when you apply too much elbow grease to a rug stain. For starters, whatever substance it is will merely serve to grind—the rug strands even more into the earth.

In the second place, whatever the chemical is, it will merely be ground into the rug fibers even further.

By rubbing vigorously on the rug, you are physically forcing stain molecules deeper into the rug fibers. Possibly even into the rug’s very fibers themselves.

The act of vigorously rubbing a stain causes the rug fibers themselves to become damaged, in addition to staining and discoloring the rug.

It’s important to remember that rug fibers are extremely similar to fabric fibers.

It is impossible to use a rug that has been twisted. And frayed as a result of excessive massaging and rubbing of the rug fibers.

Blotting is the best way of removing stains from garments when it comes to stain removal.

Make use of a clean, white cloth to blot up and absorb. As much of the stuff as you can, if at all possible.

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2. Wrong Spotting Agent

To be removed correctly and without compromising the integrity of the rug. Every stain demands a particular and one-of-a-kind treatment by an expert.

The wrong cleaning chemical or spotter, on the other hand, will cause the stain to set. Resulting in it becoming a permanent part of the rug rather than being easily removed.

Mental distress, as well as financial loss, might result as a result of this in some circumstances.

It is recommended that you avoid making this mistake to ensure. That the condition of your workplace rug is restored to its original state once it has been cleaned.

Inquire about what kind of chemical will be used to remove specific types of stains from the rug to ensure. That you are comfortable with what you’re getting yourself into before hiring a cleaner.

To remove stains such as oil, gum, glue, and paint from clothing, solvent-based cleaners are typically used. However, acidic cleaners are typically used to remove tea, coffee, and water spills from clothing as well.

3. Wetting Rug too Much


Everybody knows that water is the most fundamental, no-brainer, and generally available cleaning solvent there is. And that we should use it whenever possible.

When combined with an adequate chemical cleaning solution. This product may be highly successful at eliminating spills from your rug or cleaning rugs in general.

However, if you use too much of it while rug cleaning, you may end up making a big error.

Using excessive water will not only cause damage to the glue that binds the rug together. But it can also encourage the growth of mold, which can eventually cause the rug to become black over time.

It is possible to damage your handmade rug if you use too much water on it in certain circumstances.

This can be quite expensive because it allows the stain to grow outwards. Resulting in a larger area of damage to the rug.

4. Wrong Stain Removal Product

It does not follow that just because you have a little stain on your rug, you may clean it up with whatever you like.

The internet is awash with inaccurate and inconsistent information about the use of “natural” methods to remove rug stains, much of it contradictory in nature.

If you damage your rug by using the incorrect stain removal product on your rug, those bloggers, of course, will not be able to assist you.

There are various materials used to manufacture rug fibers, and each of those materials has its own set of handling requirements, thus it is important to understand how to handle each of these materials.

To determine which products are safe to use on your rug, you can only rely on the information provided by your rug manufacturer.

Whenever possible, rug manufacturers are delighted to assist their valued customers in the removal of rug stains from their rugs.

To obtain the information you require, simply go to their website or call their customer service department.

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5. Using Faulty Equipment

Those rug cleaning machines that you may rent from your local grocery store or hardware store are not always as successful as they are touted to be, according to the manufacturer.

It is likely that your rugs have become caked with dirt, debris, and allergies from the last home in which they were used – and that these contaminants are now being spread throughout the rest of your home through your rugs – and that this is causing health problems for you and your family.

For the second reason, as previously indicated, they just do not have the cleaning force and suction that professional rug cleaners possess.

Using the proper cleaner for your rug’s fibers and removing as much water as possible from it after it has been washed is crucial to ensure that it maintains its long-term appearance and condition.

Seriously, rental devices have the potential to cause more harm than good.

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6. Rug Deodorizer


When looking for a quick remedy, spritzing cans of scented spray or using inexpensive powder deodorizers may appear to be profitable solutions; nevertheless, these treatments are extremely corrosive and can do significant damage to your rugs over time.

The dangers, which include everything from color fading to the possibility of bleaching your prized handmade rug, are simply too big for risk-taking. It is highly recommended that you use a steamer instead, as they are extremely excellent at quickly eliminating stains and odors!

In comparison to deodorizers, this procedure is not as successful because you will still need to thoroughly wash the rug with a good quality detergent and water.

7. Not Clearing Up Spills As Needed

It is advised that spills be cleaned utilizing a range of cleaning processes to avoid contamination.

When removing a stain from a rug, you should never use steam cleaning equipment to accomplish this.

Heat causes the spill to sink deeper into the rug’s fibers, which causes the stain to become permanent.

If you have a spill, another mistake to avoid is scrubbing the stain with a brush that is too rough and too rapidly.

If you don’t have any paper towels on hand, you can make do with a piece of newspaper as a temporary alternative.

Gently brush the stain out of the rugs using a soft brush to ensure that it is completely removed.

When you use force to brush across it, the strands will untwist themselves.

Aside from that, the rugs will have a drab appearance.

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8. Not Vacuuming Often Enough


Many individuals fail to see the need of vacuuming their rugs regularly, which is a shame because it is a necessary task.

The fact that you are vacuuming your rug only when there is visible dirt and debris on it indicates that you are taking an excessive amount of time to perform the work at hand.

If you have pets, it is even better because you may do it every other day instead of every day.

Your rug suffers from daily wear and tear that leads to the deposition of nearly invisible particles of dust, grime, and oils that contribute to the overall wear and tear.

The fibers of your rug are being worn away by these particles, even though you can’t see them.

Your rug can get the matted-down appearance that everyone despises if it is not vacuumed regularly.

Vacuuming not only removes dust, debris, and oils from the rug but also aids in the maintenance of a fresh rug appearance.

This procedure also aids in raising the rug fibers, providing you with the full, plush appearance and feel that first drew you to that particular rug pattern in the first place.

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9. Over-Scrubbing

Contrary to popular perception, intensively cleaning your rug or applying significant elbow grease is not the most efficient method of eliminating stains from your rug.

Whenever you wash a shag rug or a handmade rug, you are inflicting harm to the delicate fibers, which will cause them to fray and appear worn out.

Instead, use a clean towel to dab the moist region until the stain is totally gone.

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10. Using Only DIY

While DIY rug cleaning solutions are wonderful for some household cleaning jobs, they are not a suitable alternative for rug cleaning.

If your rug is in poor condition, the internet has no means of knowing it.

It has no way of knowing its age, how much wear and tears it has endured, or any other information about it.

It is our recommended that you clean your area rug yourself by using only permitted chemicals or by hiring a professional rug cleaner to do the job for you.

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11. Waiting to Clean Up the Mess

When a spill occurs, many people make the error of not cleaning it up as soon as they can after it has taken place.

It goes without saying that this is a serious oversight that could result in far more difficulties in the future.

As a result, the poison can permeate deeper into the rugging, making removal all the more difficult.

If you clean up the mess as soon as it arises, you can avoid this scenario from arising in the first place.

The likelihood of the material seeping farther into the rugging material is decreased as a result.

Furthermore, there is a higher possibility that you will be able to completely clean up after yourself.

A regular cleaning schedule is also a great way to keep the overall state of the rug in fantastic shape as well.

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12. Professional Cleaners

When it comes to fully clean your rugs, hiring a professional rug cleaning company is your best bet for a comprehensive clean.

Everyone is aware that huge supermarkets rent out steam rug cleaners for customers to use temporarily.

Additionally, rug cleaners can be obtained from low-cost retailers like Walmart.

The rental rug cleaners and the low-cost rug cleaners are less expensive than professional rug cleaning services, but they do not come close to the commercial cleaning equipment that these enterprises possess.

A professional rug cleaning once a year is the most important thing you can do if you are concerned about the health of your rugs.

Professional rug cleaners will assist you in extending the life of your rug, improving the cleanliness of your office, and maintaining the appearance of your rug as if it had just rolled out of the showroom floor.

Furthermore, professional cleaners have years of experience and are well-aware of the mistakes to avoid to keep your rug in the best possible condition for as long as it is possible to be preserved.

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