Persian Rug Cleaning

Apr 11, 2019

Persian rugs are one of the best investments one can make in home furnishings.

There is probably no other piece of home decor that can be walked on in your entire life and still end up being worth more than when you bought it.

The care and maintenance of Persian rugs should therefore be important to you as an owner.

If there are unsightly stains or the rug is clearly dirty, it is a good idea to contact us in order to get a cleaning estimate.

The cleaner you keep your carpet, the more you will enjoy it and the greater its value will be in the future.

For the ultimate Persian rug cleaning customers can opt to have us pick up the rug and take it to our rug cleaning factory.

There that we have a sophisticated cleaning machines and process that will allow us to provide you with the best value.

How Our Process Works:

Once we have received the rug, we start the process by using a world-class dusting machine to gently remove all of the dirt and dust that has accumulated in your rug without damaging any of the fibers.

Our staff has been cleaning Persian rugs for years and knows that the value of each piece that comes into the factory makes the cleaning process a work of art.

After the rug has emerged from the dusting machine, we work to soak the rug in order to carefully remove stains and odors.

The process may be machine-assisted and involves using only green materials that will not harm the rug itself.

Of course if you have experienced bleeding of the colors in your rug due to previous stains, we can also apply treatment that will set the dye colors so that they do not bleed any further.

Our State of The Art Drying Process

Once the rug is clean, next is the drying process, which removes all water from the rug so that it dries evenly.

The drying process is completed in a custom drying room where the rug is stretched out to dry with the help of powerful dehumidifier.

As we are very experienced working with insurance claims and the surrounding areas, we handle this step like the others, very carefully, and with our team of seasoned rug cleaning staff.

If your rug has frayed edges or rips or tears that require repair, we can also provide you with an up front estimate in your home.

Our estimates are free and allow you to get a full understanding of how repair can extend the longevity of your rug and how it can allow you to keep its value intact. Remember, if you were restoring a painting, you would want to hire the right team to do the work,Persian rugs are the same thing.

You want to trust your repair work to the people that will help you retain as much value as you possibly can and the surrounding areas.

So if you feel your Persian rug needs to be cleaned or repaired, please keep our services and the surrounding areas mind.

You can contact us at 1-800-984-4338 and our friendly staff will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding our cleaning processes.

We also have 20% discount on all our cleaning services and we don’t want you to miss this great special.

Call us today and get the best price!

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