How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet?

Jun 28, 2022

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It doesn’t matter if you have kids, pets, or just a lot of people over at your house — chances are at some point your carpet will end up with a big old stain. Usually, these are embarrassing stains too! But worry not, because there’s always hope to get that slime out of the carpet. We’ve compiled some of the best ways for you to clean up that mess and live on sturdy carpets again.

Vacuum the area well before any other steps

Ideally, you would try this before it dries too much so those pesky little pieces start embedding in the carpet fibers. Vacuum up as much as you can with your vacuum, then finish the job with a wet vacuum using a small towel or cotton T-shirt.

Scrape off any excess slime.

Take the end of a spoon or other flat edge (i.e. plastic knife, spatula, etc.) and scrape off as much of the excess slime from the carpet fibers as possible without disturbing the stain itself too much; if you push it into the fibers it will just come back out again when you try to clean it.


Blot away excess liquid with a paper towel.

Once you have removed as much of the excess liquid as you can, take a paper towel and blot up any remaining moisture. This will help prevent the stain from returning.

Place baking soda on the carpet to absorb the stain.

Baking soda is great at absorbing stains and acts as an abrasive at the same time. Add some dried cat litter to make it even better if you find that hard to get out! Apply generously over area (make sure it’s completely dry before moving out of). Cover this with a layer of baking soda, again make sure to leave for a short time.

Apply vinegar solution directly to the stain.

Vinegar is an effective cleaning solution for just about every type of stain, but it works especially well on indigo! It breaks down the dye molecules and makes the stain easier to clean away. Apply directly to the carpet and let it sit overnight (or you can also use a spray bottle). In the morning vacuum up excess liquid, or blot with a wet towel if necessary; make sure to blot rather than rub or scrape so you don’t spread it into other areas of your carpet.

Aspirin powder

When you want to learn how to get slimmy gum and hair gunk off your expensive carpets, you need a powerful cleaning agent that doesn’t leave a residue behind. The best one we’ve found is triple action baking soda, which includes 3% salicylic acid (an aspirin derivative) as well as some cornstarch for absorbency. To remove slime from your carpets, sprinkle it on generously and wait several minutes. Then use a broom or stiff brush to scrub in circles; once the dry powder is dissolved, vacuum it up. Repeat if necessary.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet
How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Garlic juice

If you’ve ever spilled cornstarch on your carpets, then you know how difficult it can be to clean up. To neutralize its jelly-like consistency, apply lemon juice or garlic juice with a sponge or towel. Once dry, blot off any excess with paper towels and let sit for 20 minutes before vacuuming up remaining gunk. The acidity in lemon and garlic break down sticky substances like cornstarch.

Baking soda paste

Before you go full-on cleanup crew on your hardwood floor, grab some baking soda. Make a paste using baking soda and warm water (about a teaspoon per cup), then scrub it into your carpet with a clean, dry brush. If you can’t take care of it right away, let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Then vacuum up any residue! Cleaning tip: Add two tablespoons of essential oil before mixing in warm water; then scent your whole house while you’re at it. Tea tree oil is great for killing germs and has antibacterial properties that can help prevent sickness from spreading throughout your family during cold season—not bad for killing bacteria and giving your home an added aromatic bonus.

Hydrogen peroxide

If your child has spilled slime onto your carpet, you can try using a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide to help lift it off. Dilute one part hydrogen peroxide with five parts water and apply it with a clean rag or sponge. You’ll want to go over all affected areas thoroughly, as well as let it sit for at least 15 minutes before lifting it up (some say up to 24 hours). Be sure not to use too much hydrogen peroxide at once, though, as you risk damaging your carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Slime

Isopropyl alcohol, usually known as rubbing alcohol, is an excellent all-purpose cleaning product that can be found in most homes. When you clean with rubbing alcohol, you add a strong cleaner to your arsenal. You may use this powerful cleaner to make your silvery jewelry sparkle and to make your baseboards spotless and lovely.

However, alcohol has the potential to leave a stain on some textiles; thus, you should test this cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stain on your carpet. Never use rubbing alcohol or anything else that might potentially harm it in touch with the backing of the carpet.

Bottom Line

Try using rubbing alcohol as an alternative to vinegar if you are searching for a way to remove slime from carpeting that does not entail the use of vinegar. Rub the area with a scrub brush while applying rubbing alcohol in a direct pouring motion to the afflicted region. Proceed by rinsing with a damp towel. After the drying process is finished, vacuum the area.

You may also use WD-40 instead of vinegar, and it can be put straight on the stain. This works just as well. If you use rubbing alcohol or WD-40 to clean your carpet, always do a spot test beforehand to ensure that neither of these products will stain your carpet by damaging a tiny, inconspicuous section of the surface.

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