How to Dry Clean a Carpet at Home?

Sep 12, 2021

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Dry Cleaning

Unlike other carpet cleaning procedures, dry cleaning carpet uses cleaning chemicals to clean your carpet.

Dry cleaning, as the name implies, uses little to no water.

Dry cleaning your carpet may be accomplished in a variety of ways, and it is a quicker process, taking an hour or less to complete.

How to Dry Clean Carpet at Home?


1. Using the Dry Cleaning Compound Method

Stain on the carpet should be treated using a stain pretreatment spray.

Stain pretreatment solutions are frequently packaged in spray bottles, making application easier.

Simply point the bottle at the carpet and squeeze the button.

Lightly spray any areas that might need a little additional attention.

While you prepare the dry cleaning powder, the spray will begin to soften dirt and other filth.

Make sure to spray stains and high-traffic areas with a disinfectant.

You can omit the pretreatment if your carpet is free of stubborn stains.

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  • Dust the carpet with a dry cleaning chemical powder. Scoop some of the powder using a sifter to apply it. Hold the sifter above the carpet and shake it to dislodge some of the powder. Continue to lightly dust the region you want to clean with the powder.
  • Distribute the powder throughout the carpeted expanse if you’re doing the full room all at once. It will be safe to walk on, but ensure to cover the severely stained areas. Spread the powder around on your carpet. It will work as long as part of it lands on a stain, but keep in mind that deep stains will take more powder to remove.
  • Work the powder into the carpeting with a soft-bristled scrub brush, making sure to move the brush back and forth across the carpet. Also, make sure that you move the brush around the carpeted surface. Scrubbing the carpet might damage the threads over time, and you don’t need to use much effort to get the powder in.

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  • Allow 30 minutes for the powder to settle on the carpet. While you wait, the powder begins to activate. Allowing it to settle allows it to pull even more dirt from the carpet fibers. If you take it out too soon, it won’t be as effective. Before sweeping it up, let it dry fully.
  • You are free to stroll on the carpet at this time. The powder will mostly stick to the carpet. Avoid getting any powder on your skin for your own protection. Children and dogs should be kept out of the room to avoid unintentionally swallowing any of the substances. Although cleaning powders are thought to be harmless, it’s constantly really helpful to be cautious. Lastly, vacuum the powder away and you’re good to go!

2. Using the Encapsulation Method

Another successful dry cleaning process is encapsulation.

This is comparable to shampooing but takes a distinct strategy to the process.

The encapsulation cleaning solution contains a crystallizing acrylic polymer that generates an encapsulating effect in your carpet, allowing debris to be trapped within.

Other ingredients in the solution break down the connections between dirt and grease and carpet fibers, allowing them to be cleaned out.

  • Vacuum your carpet to get rid of any loose particles or dirt. Pay special attention to soiled areas and places that are often utilized.
  • According to the instructions dilute the encapsulating solution. To avoid harming your carpet, use hot water and measure the recommended quantities. Then, using a spraying pump, pour the mixture that you’ve created. This process isn’t entirely dry, but it does produce very little moisture, which is why it’s classified as dry cleaning.

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  • Spray the encapsulating solution on the carpet while keeping the nozzle near the carpet. Make careful to apply the spray evenly and sparingly. Apply the extra solution to regions with spots, which may bloat up later. Since this process is categorized as dry cleaning, be sure the encapsulating solution does not waterlog your carpet.
  • Allow time for the solution to settle, preferably 15 minutes or more. Avoid taking walks on the carpet at this time. A bonus tip to speed up the drying process is by blow-drying your carpet using a fan or a towel.
  • Finally, vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly to remove any dirt that has become entrapped. And voila! Your carpet now looks brand new.  If the carpet does not seem to be clean enough, consider applying an additional encapsulating solution or vacuuming more extensively.

3. Snow Method

In order to dry clean your carpet efficiently using snow, avoid wet snow and go for dry snow instead.

This is the simplest procedure.

1. Simply spread your carpet outside and evenly cover it with dry ice.

2. Next, let the ice freeze on your carpet for an adequate amount of time.

3. Brush the frozen snow from your carpet as the next step.

4. Lastly, the dirt in your carpet’s grains will fall off with the frozen snow particles, leaving your carpet clean.

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4. Bonnet Method


This is one of the most frequent dry cleaning procedures, and it’s ideal for in-between cleanings.

It entails combining a cleaning solution with carbonated water and spritzing the combination onto a soiled carpet.

After that, you scrape the material with a round buffer in a circular motion.

When used in conjunction, the cleaning solution and carbonation will assist in lifting the dirt particles.

The bonnet technique is gentle on most carpet fibers and efficient in removing surface debris.

However, it does not penetrate the dirt and germs deep within the rug, and it also takes a long time to clean.

In general, if you’re searching for a quick fix, this technique is excellent.

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Is Dry Cleaning Effective?


In most situations, dry carpet cleaning, regardless of the technique used, is effective.

However, if you want to refresh your carpets, sterilize them, and remove pet hair, dust, debris, and grime, you should steam clean them or combine dry cleaning with regular vacuuming.

There are excellent vacuums on the market that can clean your carpets quickly and easily.

In conclusion, it is a very helpful cleaning procedure that is also quite convenient in comparison to other options.

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