How Much Does Couch And Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

Have your upholstery professionally cleaned. May persuade you to consider purchasing a new piece of furniture.

In addition to eliminating unsightly stains, smells, and spots from your existing furniture.

Upholstered furniture brought back to its former glory. With the help of professional cleaning procedures and equipment.

In some areas, furniture upholstery cleaning costs might anything from $105 and $215 per room. Depending on where you live in the world.

A normal family’s average cost of professional upholstery cleaning for one piece of regular furniture is approximately $155 for one chunk of conventional furniture.

According to the manufacturer, professional cleaning of armchair upholstery will cost approximately $50 at the low end of the price spectrum.

It is reasonable to spend upwards of $500 on professional cleaning services for large pieces of sensitive upholstered furniture.

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Upholstery Cleaning Cost:

  National average cost$140
  Average cost range$123-$150
  Low-end cost$59
  High-end cost$287
How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

The stain from a stubborn red wine spill on your couch. Or the odor from a pet accident on your favorite chair has taken hours and hours of scrubbing. Not finished. 

You may feel uncomfortable when you have unsightly stains, marks, or odors on your upholstered furniture.

Not required to get rid of it.

Using a professional cleaning firm is a far more cost-effective solution than doing so on your own.

This information can estimate the cost of cleaning services before hiring a professional. To restore your furniture to its original condition.

What Impacts the Cost of Upholstery Cleaning?

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How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Nationally, the cost of professional upholstery cleaning is between $ 123 and $ 150.

In most cases, the cost of upholstery cleaning is charged at a flat rate per item. While certain cleaning services may charge an additional fee for stains that are particularly difficult to get out of upholstery.

Other elements that influence the cost of upholstered furniture cleaning. Include the kind, size, and several pieces of upholstered furniture that need to be cleaned.

When purchasing a couch, you will pay more for a sofa with three cushions than one with only two cushions.

Many cleaners may offer you discounts. If you hire them to clean your carpet or several pieces of furniture at the same time.

Sofa Cleaning Price Calculator 

How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

The size, shape, type of material, or fabric used to construct your sofa must be considered. When evaluating how much it will cost to clean the couch.

Each of these factors will affect the final price tag.

Afterward, you must factor in the cost of labor. Which will vary based on the type of cleaning you have done in your home.

If you contact local upholstery cleaning companies and ask for a breakdown of rates to get more precise pricing information.

Factors that Determine the Prices

How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost
  • Sort of furniture and the number of pieces to be used are also crucial factors. Whether you're booking an upholstery cleaning service for a two- or three-seat armchair. An L-shaped sofa that seats four people, or another piece of furniture, makes a difference.
  • A sofa cleaning service may be slightly more expensive in some instances, such as scheduling a sofa cleaning service over a bank holiday, than scheduling a sofa cleaning service during regular business hours.
  • Demonstration of the application of a stain protection product. In exchange for a small additional fee, you can have a stain protection treatment. Put it on the surface of your sofa if you so like. To protect fabrics from stains that penetrate the material. And cause it to get stained. Spray-on stain protectors such as Scotchgard are employed.
  • Other factors to consider include the type of cloth used and the washing method.
  • When it comes to couch cleaning, the cost will vary based on the sofa cleaning procedure that is best suitable for your furniture.
  • The fee of service will be applied on top of the base price. To save money, consider bundling your upholstery cleaning service with another service. Such as home cleaning, carpet cleaning, or bed bug treatment.

Prices by Furniture Item

How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Upholstered furniture is quite popular among consumers because of its fashionable, pleasant, and utilitarian characteristics, among other things.

As a result of the high average cleaning cost of $155 per piece of furniture. In the absence of more explanation, it should go without saying that when it comes to cleaning furniture, the size of the object has a significant impact on the cost of the cleaning. Making it one of the most crucial considerations to take into consideration.

Washing larger furniture pieces will need more time and a stronger cleaning solution. To fully clean them and restore their original appearance as compared to washing smaller furniture pieces.

It is rather inexpensive to clean a normal-sized sofa; but, cleaning a huge sectional couch will be far more expensive than cleaning a smaller couch.

The thought of hiring a professional to clean your furniture should not deter you. Because there are a variety of options and ways for cleaning furniture on your own that you may employ.

There is a significant demand for specialists who have a full awareness of the materials and cleaning techniques. Should be used in respective fields.

This list includes most often cleaned upholstered items of furniture. As well as the costs associated with cleaning each of them.

A description of the cleaning technique that is best appropriate for each piece of furniture is also provided in the package.

 Dining Chair $10 $40
 Office Chair $20 $45
 Ottoman $20 $45
 Armchair $30 $55
 Lounge chair $40 $60
 Mattress $50 $150
 Recliner $60 $90
 Loveseat $60 $115
Couch $80 $120
 Sofa $100 $300

Office Chair Cleaning 

According to the type of upholstery being cleaned, the cost of a standard office chair, and cleaning service will range between $20 and $45.

Office chairs are used regularly, they accumulate dust, filth, stains, and bacteria. Making them a high-priority item to clean in the cleaning department.

The first step in cleaning an upholstered office chair is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris.

Professionals utilize a vacuum attachment to get into all of the hard-to-reach crevices. And remove any dirt and grime accumulated over time.

They utilize one of two procedures to clean the surface: steam cleaning or chemical cleaning.

Using high-temperature water to kill germs and remove stains distinguishes steam cleaning from chemical cleaning, which requires the use of a more concentrated pressured chemical solution to achieve the same effects.

Armchairs Cleaning

Armchairs in your living room with elegant and polished upholstery. Can help to boost the overall appearance of your space’s design.

Cleanliness is essential for keeping your armchair in its best possible shape.

A smart choice is also to hire a professional to undertake a steam cleaning regularly. And the usual dusting and vacuuming that the homeowner should do.

Following the cleaning procedure, steam is used to eliminate any bacteria. That may have grown and erased any stains that may have formed over time due to the cleaning process.

Depending on the chair’s material, an option of chemical cleaning involves the application of a specialized solvent. Or water-based cleaner to return the chair to its prior appearance may also be available.

Because armchairs are larger than office chairs or dining chairs. It is realistic to expect to pay more for cleaning armchairs than for cleaning office chairs or dining chairs.

This is because armchairs are larger than office chairs or dining chairs.

Armchair upholstery cleaning services typically range in price from $30 to $55.

Dining Chair Cleaning

An upholstered dining room set and upholstered dining room chairs can transform the atmosphere of your dining room. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply hanging out with friends over supper.

A professional cleaning technique that encompasses multiple phases. Including hand-washing upholstered dining chairs, is the first step in getting them clean.

Almost any style of upholstery, including leather, can be cleaned with this method.

Ensure any crumbs or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface. During the cleaning method is removed. And thoroughly cleaned. It is necessary to remove the cushions and thoroughly clean them.

In recent years, the use of steam to clean dining chairs has grown in popularity. It is one of the most often used cleaning methods now.

In the absence of chemical agents and by using high temperatures for an extended time. Microorganisms can be eradicated from the environment completely and safely.

The next section describes how to clean upholstery after it has been steam cleaned.

After the upholstery has been steam cleaned, dirt, stains, oil, and grime can be removed. By soaking it in a solution of water. And a cleaning chemical for a prolonged time.

The chairs must be allowed to dry completely before being reassembled again.

Depending on the type of material that was used in the creation of the furniture. Chemical cleaning of dining room chairs may also be an alternative option.

This technique utilizes significantly less water and a more concentrated chemical treatment than the previous procedure. It results in significant cost savings.

If you’re washing more than one piece of furniture at a time, the cost of cleaning dining chairs might range between $10 and $40 per piece. According to the manufacturer.

If you only need one piece of furniture cleaned. Most service providers charge a minimum service fee that ranges from $50 to $100 per piece of furniture.

Ottoman Cleaning

Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture. May be utilized in a formal or informal setting. Frequently used in conjunction with an armchair.

The square, cocktail, and rectangular ottomans and the circular ottoman are just a few of the many different kinds of ottomans.

Additionally, to function as seating, modern ottoman designs, are becoming increasingly popular. As a storage alternative, being used for coffee tables and other tabletop items.

As a footrest on various surfaces, including carpet and tile, they’re also well-known in the industry.

Like any other piece of furniture on the market, and ottoman will become dirty over time.  Will need to be completely cleaned to regain its original aspect and appearance.

Thoroughly clean ottomans recommended that to employ a professional cleaning service.

An ottoman should be treated with either steam or chemical solutions. Depending on the ottoman’s material.

To effectively remove all dirt and filth from deep within the carpet and difficult stains. It is possible to employ either strategy.

Cleaning should begin with a thorough vacuuming of the surface. To remove dust and debris before moving on to the next step, just like you would with any other piece of furniture you own.

The ottoman upholstery cleaning cost often ranges from $20 and $45, depending on the company used.

Lounge Chair Cleaning

Lounge chairs are recliners. Do not have arms, usually used with ottomans.

They are provided in a permanently reclined posture. Cannot be reclined by the user. Separates significantly from a recliner.

If you have an armchair or a recliner-style chair, you can clean it correctly in the same manner that a lounge chair may be cleaned professionally.

Professional cleaning for a lounge chair ranges between $40 and $60 per lounge chair, depending on the size and condition of the chair.

Recliner Cleaning

Recliners can provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere to sit in for extended periods.

Fur from pets, food and drink spills, filth, and grime can accumulate on the upholstery over time, giving it an unsightly soiled appearance.

Upholstered recliners should have their upholstery professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Weekly vacuuming ensures deeply embedded dirt and stains are removed.

Steam cleaning strategies or chemical cleaning approaches are used to clean recliners. Depending on the tag instructions and the type of chair being cleaned by the professional cleaner.

Expert recliner upholstery cleaning is typically priced between $60 and $90 per chair. Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Professional Mattress Cleaning 

Beds and mattresses should be professionally cleaned regularly. They should be cleaned after every usage,  every use of furniture.

Steam cleaning a mattress might cost anywhere between $50 and $150, depending on the size of the mattress.

The accumulation of dead skin cells, pet hair, dust, pollen, and other allergens on mattresses each night makes them an extremely dirty place to sleep, making them a filthy place to sleep.

Cleaning specialists vacuum the surface before beginning the cleaning method to remove any insoluble dirt, hair, and debris that may have gathered on it.

Contaminants have been removed by steam cleaning, and hot water extraction is utilized to kill any contaminants. That has survived the process.

To disinfect the mattress, recommended using hot water and a moderate cleaning solution.

Because the chemicals employed are fully non-toxic. People and dogs who contact the mattress surface or the surrounding environment will be completely safe.

Couch Cleaning 

Critical to thoroughly clean your couch to eliminate all crumbs and stains from the upholstery.

A professional sofa cleaning service will cost you between $80 to $120 per couch, depending on the size of your couch.

When you sit down on a sofa, you can rest, take a break, snooze, sip coffee, eat snacks, and participate in other activities.

An overstuffed couch can take a beating in a house with many people who are always on the move.

Professional cleaning of a couch at least once a year. Should be done as part of your regular cleaning schedule. Including weekly vacuuming.

The sofa manufacturer recommends the majority of the time, steam cleaning upholstered furniture. Is frequently noted on the couch’s instruction tag.

For starters, specialists use an upholstery vacuum attachment to completely vacuum the couch to remove loose dust and filth before going to the next step.

It is planned to remove the couch’s loose seat cushions. To thoroughly inspect the couch for cracks and gaps along the couch’s side rails, back rails, and bottom.

Using high-temperature water instead of chemical cleaners, a steam cleaning specialist thoroughly cleans the couch’s surface and removes all grime, odors, and stains without any extra cleaning agents.

Loveseat Cleaning

When you think of a “loveseat,” you generally see a small, soft surface ideal for cuddling up with your significant other.

Even though it is commonly mistaken for a couch, a loveseat may be distinguished from a sofa by its smaller size and a more significant number of cushions.

If there are more than one or two individuals in the seating area of a loveseat. It is considered a sofa.

To make the most of limited space, loveseats provide the appearance and feel of a sofa while maintaining the functionality of a loveseat.

They are reasonably priced.

Begin by vacuuming all of the nooks, fissures, and surfaces of the loveseat to thoroughly clean the item of the furniture piece.

After that, a steam cleaning technique entails soaking the upholstery in water and a cleaning solution for several minutes before scrubbing the dirt and stains out of it with a stiff brush.

To get rid of the surplus water, it was essential to allow the loveseat to air dry for several days.

You should anticipate paying between $60 and $115 for expert cleaning of a loveseat or sofa in most circumstances.

Sofa Cleaning

Sofas are a popular gathering area for family get-togethers and parties in many families. Should be professionally cleaned for $100 to $300 per sofa regularly.

Overall, most sofa and couch manufacturing companies encourage customers to have their upholstery professionally steam cleaned.

To clean a sofa, follow the same procedure as you would for cleaning other pieces of furniture such as a loveseat or a couch.

Vacuuming and then steam cleaning your couch are two ways of cleaning that you may employ to give your sofa an extra-clean appearance and feel respective.

Because a sofa has a higher surface area and more crevices than a chair, you can anticipate paying more for cleaning services on a couch than you would on a chair.

Types of Cleaning Methods

The cleaning specialist will select the most appropriate cleaning strategy and equipment. Ensure the furniture is cleaned to the highest possible standard. And safeguarded from damage throughout the cleaning process.
How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning 

Using a chemical cleaner to clean your upholstered furniture is another option.

Chemical cleaning can cost anywhere from $15 to $95. Depending on the upholstery being cleaned.

They are frequently employed in cleaning a wide range of textiles. Including rayon, silk, merino wool, denim, cotton, and velour, among other materials.

Utilizing chemical cleaning procedures on older or bulkier furniture pieces might be challenging in some circumstances, especially if the furniture is difficult to move around and maneuver.

For example, it is typical for the letter “S” on the cleaning instructions to be stated on the furniture tag so that the cleaning service understands how to clean the furnishings.

The Upholstery Steam Cleaning

With high temperature and pressurized steam, it is feasible to clean upholstered furniture. It requires spraying the surface with hot, pressurized steam to kill germs. And remove dirt, grease, and grime accumulated over time.

Using a steam-cleaning solution, the surface is thoroughly cleaned before being left to air dry. To remove any excess water before being re-utilized.

Steam cleaning for upholstered furniture is becoming increasingly popular because it is one of the most effective techniques of cleaning that does not require the use of chemical cleaning agents.

This is typically used to clean fabric furniture. And delicate upholstery, such as a couch, chair, or sofa, is made of fabric.

Mattress disinfection is another prominent application for this product among professionals, and it is the most common application for this product.

The cost of steam cleaning furniture can range from $15 to $80 per item, depending on the size of the cleaned item.

Upholstery Stain Cleaning

A pre-treatment service is required. In case of particularly severe stains on furniture caused by children or pets.

This service may be beneficial if you have stains that are extremely difficult to get out of your clothes.

The sort of stain remover used by professionals will vary depending on the type of furniture and the type of stain cleaner applied to the furniture, among other variables.

It will vary depending on the amount and severity of the staining that needs to be done on the surface.

You may expect to pay between $25 and $80 per item for stain removal in most cases.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices by Material

The materials used in creating your furniture may have a small impact on the pricing, depending on the type of chemical that the professional can use with them. On the other hand, not all cleaners charge an extra cost for their services.
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Vinyl Upholstery Cleaning

It is possible to make cleaning vinyl furniture items considerably more uncomplicated and time-efficient by employing the correct cleanser and equipment.

According to the manufacturer, professionals clean their equipment. Specialized cleaner, is designed for use on vinyl materials.

Vinyl flooring is kept clean and bright. Using a rag soaked in baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing detergent can be completed quickly.

The use of oil on vinyl should be avoided at all costs. Since the damage will cause the material to become rough and harsh. Due to its degradation.

A professional vinyl upholstery cleaning service may cost between $80 and $150. Depending on the type of cleaning, the size of the furniture, and the vinyl upholstery.

Cleaning Fabric Upholstery

Fabric furniture is cleaned regularly. You should always begin by thoroughly vacuuming the entire piece before beginning other cleaning procedures.

To keep dirt, dust, and other contaminants from becoming embedded in the fabric, it is necessary to vacuum frequently.

This allows the fabric to maintain its excellent state. Pillows and cracks should be cleaned.

Recommended to clean the covers regularly.

If you have any wood detailing on your furniture piece. Recommended to clean such areas with a wood cleaner, specifically formulated for wood.

In most circumstances, cleaning fabric upholstery ranges from $30 to $85, depending on the type of cleaning required, the size of the furniture piece, and the type of fabric used in its construction.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

The price of a piece of furniture depends on the type and size of the furniture item. A professional cleaning business can range from $100 and $300. For each piece of furniture cleaned.

The high cost of leather furniture at the time of purchase necessitates the importance of maintaining it properly to keep its resale value.

You should engage a professional provider to assist you with the work.

If your leather furniture is damaged, leather cleaners are specially developed. Breaking down filth and stains will restore the appearance of your leather furniture. To its original state if it has been damaged.

When you include the high cost of specialty chemicals and the specialized techniques required for cleaning leather, it ranks among the most expensive materials to clean in terms of cost per square foot of surface area.

Can I Clean My Sofa Myself? 

How Much Does Couch Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Suppose you have previous experience working with delicate textiles. And interested in keeping the cost of your sofa cleaning to a bare minimum.

In that case, you should find sofa cleaning to be a rather simple procedure. For a small charge, a professional can clean your sofa fast and thoroughly without causing any damage to the fabric.

As a convenience, you may use our search box to find tradespeople located in your local region, which will make things as simple as possible.

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