Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Rug Clean

Mar 11, 2022

You Need to Know About Keeping Rug Clean; Reduce the amount of dirt from your rugs in the first place to ensure that they remain as clean as possible over the long term. Install heavy-duty doormats at all entrances or institute a no-shoes-allowed policy throughout the building. Grit will become embedded in the rug if you do not clean regularly, and having a vacuum that is easy to use can help you avoid this problem.

In comparison to the number of filth vacuums that fail to pick up, you’ll be surprised at how simple the best cleaning methods are in comparison.

The pitch was simple and to the point.

Now and then, a vacuum salesperson would show up at the door, dump dirt on the rug, and then insist that she be permitted to clean it with her machine, which she dutifully did.

Then he would put a new bag into his model, run it over the “clean” rug, and then unzip the bag to reveal anything he had picked up in the course of the procedure.

Most of the time was all he needed to complete the purchase.

In contrast, if the salesperson had reversed the order and used his equipment first, the result might have been the same as it was.

It was frequently not the old vacuum that was the source of the problem. Once dirt seeps into the rug, it isn’t easy to get it out again.

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The Basics

Reduce the amount of dirt from your rugs in the first place to ensure that they remain as clean as possible over the long term.

Install heavy-duty doormats at all entrances or institute a no-shoes-allowed policy throughout the building.

Grit will become embedded in the rug if you do not clean regularly, and having a vacuum that is easy to use can help you avoid this problem.

Pay particular attention to dirt-collecting areas, such as making a dozen rounds with the vacuum inside four feet of outside doors, eight passes inside regions with high traffic, and four passes elsewhere.

If the rugs have not been cleaned regularly and completely, increase the number of passes every three months for the first three months, then every three months after that.

Cleaning Common Rugs

Vacuuming, cleaning up liquid spills, and thorough cleaning should all be done in accordance with the type of material used in your rug.

1. Rotate Rugs


On the other hand, Rugs do not often wear in the same way.

The likelihood that some regions of your rug will experience more foot activity than others increases if your rug is meant to extend beneath furniture, especially if your rug is designed to develop beneath the furniture.

Alternatively, the way your windows are situated likely causes sunlight to fall on one section of your wall more than another, resulting in unsightly faded blotches on your wall.

Instead of taking the chance of experiencing these challenges, get into the habit of rotating your rug 180 degrees around every six months or so to guarantee even wear.


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2. Keep a Rug Cleaner


Because most stains are simpler to remove when you act quickly, having a good rug cleaner on hand can save you a lot of time and aggravation when dealing with stains on your rug.

Depending on their preferences in cleaning goods, some people will desire a comprehensive collection of formulas for every type of spill imaginable.

In contrast, most people will only require an all-purpose cleaner that they can rely on.

To deal with the vast majority of the common spills and stains that may occur, we recommend that you keep a bottle of Uni-Cleaner on hand at all times.

3. Synthetic Rugs


The first and most important thing is a vacuum.

Remove grit by performing several vacuum passes in a variety of directions with the beater brush set to the pile height and rotating the vacuum nozzle while keeping the beater brush set to the pile height.

The bag should be changed once it has been filled halfway because the bag’s efficiency begins to deteriorate after that point.

The blot approach should be used when dealing with a liquid spill in order to clear the area as quickly as possible: To keep the area from drying out, cover it with a clean towel or a thick pad of paper towels and set it aside.

To press down on the button, press down with the heel of your hand.

The dry cloths should absorb the liquid until the entire amount has been absorbed. Preventing the majority of the spill from spreading by using a wet-dry vacuum (if one is available) will save time and effort when it comes to blotting.

Steam cleaning by a professional is particularly effective on wall-to-wall rugging that requires a thorough cleaning, and in some situations, it may be needed for the warranty provider.

Start by vacuuming thoroughly, then renting a piece of extraction equipment from a rental company to remove any remaining particles (supermarket models are less powerful).

Using a saucer, pour a few drops of the cleaning solution into it and set it aside to evaporate for a few minutes before you begin.

Try a new cleaner if the dried residue remains sticky after cleaning it with a different cleanser.

It is recommended that fans or air conditioning dry the rug.

Cleaning area rugs can be accomplished in the same manner as rug cleaning.

4. Jute Rugs


As a result of the stiffness of its fibers, jute is a challenging material to work with since dirt has a difficult time adhering to it.

As a result, they are frequently easy to maintain; a simple vacuuming once in a while should be sufficient.

Water and jute are incompatible with one another.

Jute readily absorbs moisture and tends to hold onto it for an extended period, resulting in the growth of mold, mildew, or potentially harmful microorganisms in the environment.

Use paper towels and a hairdryer to dry any spills quickly; limit your cleaning to spot cleanings; and test any cleaners on an inconspicuous area before applying them to the entire house or apartment.

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5. Wool Rugs

everything-you-need-to Know-about-keeping-wool-rug-clean

To avoid the yarn becoming fuzzy, use a rotary brush on loop-pile (Berber) rugs rather than a standard vacuum cleaner while cleaning them.

A floor tool, on the other hand, should be employed.

Start by spraying the spill with water and wiping it with a paper towel, following the same procedure as you would for cleaning synthetic rugs.

Ammonia or any other very alkaline cleaning solution should never be used on wool due to the risk of causing it to become brittle.

Because wool fibers absorb significantly more water than synthetic fibers, it is not recommended to clean area rugs or wall-to-wall rugs at home for specific cleaning purposes.

Therefore, they become difficult to dry, and area rugs become exceedingly heavy and difficult to maneuver around in as a result.

Aside from that, many of the cleaners available on the market are far too alkaline to be used on wool.

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6. Shag Rugs


Regardless of the material, shag rugs will require special care and attention to guarantee that they remain in good condition.

In shag rugs, dirt can easily become entangled in the long fibers. Which helps to conceal it deep within the pile.

To deal with the high pile, vacuuming must be done more frequently.

Strong suction can cause damage to the fibers. And the beater bar can even totally pull them out of the rug.

When vacuuming a shag rug, try to avoid using the beater bar as much as you possibly can.

As an alternative to vacuuming the front of the rug, turn the rug upside down and vacuum the rear of the rug instead.

There may be soil buried beneath the surface of the ground, and this will aid in dislodging it.

Following that, you may rapidly sweep up the floor beneath the rug. Scooping up any dirt that may have gotten loose during the process.

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7. Plant-Based Fibers


Vacuuming should be performed in the same manner as it would be with synthetic rugs, if at all.

Using a beater brush to remove grit, which causes excessive wear on these rugs, is the most effective method of eliminating the dirt.

Despite the fact that plant fibers are more stain-resistant than synthetics or wool (even when treated with a water repellent), liquid spills should be blotted shortly after they occur, as described above.

Making use of a fan or a hairdryer. Make sure that any damp areas are completely dried up as quickly as possible (set on low heat).

When it comes to deep cleaning, the manufacturers recommend that only dry cleaning processes be utilized, according to the manufacturers.

Any other approaches should be handled by professionals who should be enlisted.

8. Deep Cleaning a Rug

Whenever dealing with badly embedded stains, it is recommended to thoroughly clean and deodorize the entire rug.

In spite of the fact that these options can make things easier or more convenient. It’s surprising how simple it is to thoroughly clean a rug with basic household goods on your own time.

Check the Label

If your rug is provided with a care label, make sure to read it thoroughly before beginning any deep cleaning and to follow any suggestions it may have.

A contamination label will notify you as to whether any special measures should be taken. Or even whether you should stop cleaning entirely, as a result of the contamination.

This method of deep cleaning is not recommended for rugs with jute backings. For example, it will be exceedingly difficult to dry the rug once it has been cleaned in this manner.

A buildup of foul-smelling mold or mildew may eventually emerge as a result of this.

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Before you begin, set up a temporary working area for yourself outside.

The best setting will be somewhere bright and sunny. Where you can leave the rug to dry for a few hours after you’ve finished cleaning it.

The best periods to conduct a thorough cleaning are therefore during the spring and summer months when natural lighting is at its best.

There are several wonderful options. Such as an inclining driveway or a deck with a railing that you may use to drape the rug over.

You should avoid setting up your lawn furniture because doing so will prevent cleaning solutions from entering the grass.

Vacuum the Rug

It is necessary to completely vacuum the rug on both sides of the rug to remove any loose particles before proceeding with the next step.

In order to rid of any dust that has become lodged. You should not be afraid to beat it with the broom a few times.

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Clean with Rug Shampoo

It is important to follow the mixing instructions on the rug shampoo container when applying it to a rug.

If you want to use this method, a couple of capfuls of liquid dish detergent in a pail of warm water should be plenty.

Colorfastness should be tested on a tiny. Inconspicuous area of the fabric first to guarantee that the cloth does not fade or become discolored.

If everything goes according to plan, rinse the rug well with a garden hose before gently rubbing your cleaning solution into the rug with a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining residue.

It should not be necessary for you to make an excessive effort; simply allow the cleaner to complete its work.

In order to finish, allow the rug to sit for a few minutes, or as recommended by the shampoo. Before thoroughly rinsing it with water from the garden hose.

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Dry Fully

Keep in mind that depending on the material and construction of your rug. This procedure may take some time, so don’t rush it!

Bringing your rug into the house before it has completely dried might result in the growth of mold, mildew, and germs on the rug.

To make the procedure go more quickly, a sloping driveway, a clothesline, or a deck railing can all be utilized.

Consider putting a box fan in your home if you have access to one since this will help things move along more swiftly. It’s important to flip the rug every few days so that it dries equally on both sides.

Vacuum Again

Finally, vacuum the rug one more time to remove any dirt that has been loosened by the deep cleaning but has not yet been washed away by the water during the deep cleaning process.

At this time, your rug should be in like-new condition!

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