Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Sep 12, 2021
Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

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Dirt is akin to thousands of tiny blades slicing through carpet strands. Walking across a soiled carpet grinds sharp dirt particles against the yarn, causing minor nicks in the fibres. Your lovely carpet is being carried out the door one bag at a time by all that fluff mixed up with the grime in your vacuum cleaner bags. The luster of the carpet gets dulled as dirt damages the strands, making the carpet appear considerably dull. This is why it becomes essential to uphold your carpet’s maintenance and upkeep.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Begin With A Clean Bag Of Filter


An unclean bag, dirt cup, or filter may reduce the suction strength of a vacuum by 50%. The most common cause of bagless vacuums failing is because the filters aren’t replaced frequently enough. On bagless vacuums, replace or wash the filters every three months. It is also important to change vacuum bags once they are three-quarters filled.


Spot Cleaning a Carpet: Start With Water


Using ordinary tap water, you can erase 80% of stains. To remove a stain, dab it with a clean, dry white towel to absorb the spill. Repeat until the spill is completely absorbed. Then, gently massage the water into the stain and blot until the stain is gone using a moist white cloth.


Using A Lint Roller


A lint roller is a manual alternative to a vacuum for removing hair and other debris from your carpet – especially pet hair. This is one of the easiest hacks on the list since all you have to do is run the lint roller over the carpet area you wish to clean. Even if you’ve just vacuumed, you’ll be surprised how much dirt and hair this can remove. If your vacuum doesn’t have a couch tool, you can clean your upholstery with a lint roller.


Bonus tip: If you don’t happen to have a lint roller on hand, you may also remove pet hair by rubbing rubber hands over carpet or couches. The rubber gloves’ electric charge attracts hair that would otherwise be impossible to remove.


Using Bicarb Soda And Rubbing Alcohol


Try scattering some bicarb soda on the rug or carpet and letting it rest for at least 15 minutes before vacuuming it up if you’re looking for a fast refresh to just absorb a foul scent. That’s all there is to it.


Mix two cups of rubbing alcohol, one teaspoon of liquid dish soap, two tablespoons of ammonia, and drops of essential oils (to desired scent strength) in a container for a deeper homemade carpet cleaning cleaning solution, such as a homemade carpet cleaning shampoo that can be used with a steam cleaner.


You should only fill the container halfway with the solution, so you may dilute it with warm water to the top. Add it to your cleaning machine’s tank to obtain the best results.


DIY Vinegar Solution


Combine one part distilled white vinegar and three parts cold water in a spray bottle. If you’re cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet, you’ll have to refill the bottle multiple times.


Using a spray bottle, saturate the carpet with the vinegar solution until it is completely saturated. Don’t overdo it. Use a grid to keep track of where you’ve cleaned. If you’re cleaning an area rug, take additional measures to avoid water damage to the floor underneath it.


To begin breaking down the dirt, leave the solution on the carpet for five minutes. Blot the solution and dirt away with a microfiber towel. To rinse the microfiber cloth, have a bucket of clean water ready. As the water becomes dirty, change it often.


Using An Iron


Using the heat of your iron to erase stubborn stains is one of the greatest tricks. However, because you don’t want to singe your carpet, it’s critical to employ the appropriate process.


To remove any loose particles, begin by vacuuming the stain and surrounding area. Because dirt and other particles might get in the way, you only want the stain to stay. Next, spray the stain with a 1:3 solution of white vinegar and water. To preserve your carpet, place a cloth over the stain and iron it on the maximum steam setting after a few minutes. Heat and downward pressure work together to effectively remove stains without the need for continuous scrubbing.


Every Carpet Is Cleaned Differently


If your carpet is shaggy, woollen, or comprised of synthetic fibres, you’ll need to clean it differently. Carpets are different in a variety of ways. Low loop carpets and plush/shaggy carpets are available, and they are  constructed of anything from 100 percent wool to synthetic fibres and come with or without stain protection.


Let’s start with looped carpets with a modest pile. They’re ideal for high-traffic areas, but they’re not as stain-resistant as plush carpets. As a result, different procedures should be used for various carpets. All you need is enough patience to clean your carpet by yourself.


Otherwise, employ a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets using carpet mould treatment, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet dry cleaning procedures. There is no such thing as the most effective carpet cleaning procedure. Everyone has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose to thoroughly clean your carpets is entirely up to you.


So, which carpet cleaning machine should I invest in?


If your floor has more than a rug decorating it — say, wall-to-wall carpet that gets a lot of foot traffic and staining — you might need to make an investment in a carpet cleaning equipment. In comparison to hiring a professional carpet cleaning, it might be more cost-effective over time.


There are a number of equipment available, including steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, and industrial-type vacuums, but which one is ideal for you is a personal choice. Whatever you decide to buy, there are a few things to think about before making a purchase. To begin, consider the machine’s weight, since some are hefty and difficult to transport, and they can become much more bulky once water is added.


Evaluate whether the cleaning machine has any unique features, such as warmer, rotating brushes, or edge cleaning, as well as any attachments that may be utilised to clean small or difficult-to-reach places.


Finally, verify the machine’s warranty as well as the carpet’s guarantee – some carpet warranties also state which particular products would invalidate the warranty if used on the carpet.


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