5 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Sep 12, 2021
5 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Welcome to the topic 5 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros.

Below are the five best carpet cleaning secrets from professionals that will ensure that your carpet restores its appearance and always looks top-notch.

Carpet-Cleaning Secrets

1. The Art Of Vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is one of the finest ways to protect it and keep it clean.

The less dirt and grime there is on your carpet, the longer it will last.

The pros advise vacuuming the high-traffic rooms at least twice a week to maintain cleanliness and achieve the most outstanding results.

The rest of your carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week.

Vacuum every second or third week, making sure to clean the room’s corners and beneath your furniture.

Such a method will ascertain that the dirt pushed under tables and couches and into the corners of the room will not linger and contaminate the nearby regions.

The experts also recommend vacuuming gradually enough to pull out as much dirt as possible.

This is because slower passes eliminate ground-in dirt more thoroughly rather than multiple quick passes.

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One good pass is usually sufficient in low-traffic areas.

Make two or more slow passes through congested regions.

You must also inspect the bag or dirt cup, as well as the filter of your vacuum.

In fact, a blocked filter or a full dirt cup or bag can reduce a vacuum’s suction power by half.

People don’t consider maintaining the cleanliness of their cleaning machine’s filters, which is one of the main reasons vacuums quit operating.

For bag-less vacuums, replace or wash the filters every 3 months.

Furthermore, make sure to replace the suction bags in bagged vacuums.

 3. Don’t Scrub, But Blot Instead

Donot Scrub

When an accident such as a stain or spill happens, avoid the impulse to start scrubbing right away.

That will just push the stain further into the carpet.

Instead, use a clean solution, cloth, paper towel, or sponge to gently blot stains.

Blotting does the trick as it applies light pressure to the stain, allowing it to absorb.

Rubbing causes the particles to become embedded in the fibers, which can result in premature fiber degradation.

Be mindful of the way you blot your stains.

The key is to blot from the stain’s outer edge inside toward the center; blotting outward can spread the stain even further across the carpet.

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3. Entry Mats Keep The Dirt Away

It’s always great to come home to a clean carpet.

However, just because your shoes aren’t dirty doesn’t mean they aren’t bringing dirt in with them from the outside.

Every time you walk through the door, your shoes track whatever dirt (and other debris) they’ve brought in onto the carpeting.

Experts further say that a coarsely textured mat outside at your home’s entrance helps remove soil from your shoes and makes a carpet cleaning project considerably quicker.

In addition to this, water-absorbent material for your mat is also a smart option since it will assist in drying wet shoes before they dirty your carpet.

It’s even better if you just don’t wear shoes on the carpet at all.

It is customary across numerous cultures to take your shoes off prior to entering the house.

This is why their carpets are exceptionally clean.

According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona, hundreds of thousands of germs were discovered on the bottoms of people’s shoes.

Furthermore, evidence of human and animal feces was discovered in 96 percent of them.

Other chemicals could also stain your shoes.

Street water may contain gasoline and other harsh chemicals, which get on your shoes and can be carried into your home.

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4. Area Rugs Help To Keep High-traffic Areas Clean

Area Rugs

The most difficult areas to clean are those with a lot of foot activity.

And it’s true: any area with a lot of foot activity will wear out your carpet fibers faster.

Furthermore, greater traffic areas tend to collect more dirt and soil from the ground.

Other areas of your carpet that can be damaged are where it meets tile, in front of the family couch, and in corridors.

Area rugs are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, a wonderfully patterned rug can offer a sense of sophistication and beauty to your home.

The greatest part is that you can clean each one independently and replace them as needed.

However, suppose area rugs aren’t a decorative element that you are a fan of.

In that case, you can invest in some cheap, good-quality plastic runners to temporarily protect the area and remove them when the company comes over, showing the gorgeous clean carpet beneath.

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 5. Carpet Cleaner And Squeegee To The Rescue

Are you a pet owner?

Well, then you must be familiar with the accidents that these cute, furry little four-legged creatures can cause.

It’s only a matter of time since one of your pets has had an accident on the carpet.

To remove such stains, using organic cleaner instead of caustic chemicals is a much healthier option.

Spritz the cleaner upon the stain.

Scrubbing will most likely be required to remove all stains and odors, but the cleaner can then be wiped away with a white cloth or paper napkin.

It’s worth noting that these non-toxic cleaners can also be used to cleanse stains like coffee and condiments.

Additionally, pets, unfortunately, bring with them their hair and dander.

Pet hair collects on carpets and upholstery over time, even with frequent cleaning and brushing.

However, vacuuming does not always remove all pet hair from a carpet.

The answer, according to carpet cleaning pros?

A squeegee.

That’s correct.

A squeegee is a brilliant tool used to remove water from a surface.

It’s also pretty great for getting hair out of a carpet.

This is due to the rubber on the squeegee’s end loosening and grabbing the hair from the fibers which allows you to pick up and remove the hair effortlessly.

It’s extremely fantastic for removing fur beneath couches and places your vacuum can’t really reach.

You can also use this cleaning tool to clean your couch for a quick and easy upholstery clean-up.

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