10 carpet cleaning hacks that actually work

Sep 09, 2021
carpet cleaning hacks

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Carpets add a touch of class to your home. This type of flooring comes in a variety of prints and patterns and emits an inviting feeling in your interior space. However, carpets require frequent maintenance and deep cleaning since they are prone to spills, splashes, and stains.


Are you concerned about the high costs of carpet cleaning services? The solution to cleaning can be found right in your own home. While daily vacuuming is sufficient maintenance, it’s also vital to put on your cleaning gloves and thoroughly clean to get rid of that messy business. Browse through this list of 10 carpet cleaning hacks that actually work, and bid farewell to your carpet cleaning problems!

10 carpet cleaning hacks that actually work

  1. Lint Roller


Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how hard you vacuum, there’s just too much filth, crumbs, and hair for your vacuum to handle? This is a typical problem with long-hair carpets, and even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t get the fibers as clean as they should be.


Purchase a lint roller for those troublesome locations and put in some elbow grease until all the tenacious particles are collected. Regardless of the type of carpet, you may not need to spend more than five minutes cleaning your carpet with a lint roller.


  1. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair


With only a vacuum cleaner, pet hair is notoriously tricky to remove. Lint rollers may also be ineffective because we’re cleaning the entire surface area, and shedding might be overwhelming for certain pets. If your carpet has very short hairs, the reliable squeegee will suffice.


Although the squeegee is designed for windows, it is also designed to dislodge muck, dirt, and other items that create thin layers and attach to a surface, much like pet hair on a short-hair carpet. Simply wet the squeegee and use it like you would on a window.

carpet cleaning hacks

  1. Rub, don’t blot!


It’s instinctive to rub dirt off, but rubbing causes the stain to spread when it comes to carpets. There’s also a potential you’ll rub the stain into the cloth, which will result in permanent damage. Whatever cleaning solution you use, keep in mind that only blotting can remove the stain because you’re applying pressure to the stain, which causes the liquid to be absorbed into the cloth or sponge. Another approach to protecting carpet fiber is to be careful about which direction you blot. Blotting the stain inwards from the outside prevents it from spreading.


  1. Deep-Cleaning Carpet Cleaner (Homemade)


Using organic products is highly recommended as opposed to using chemical cleaners. Not only is it environmentally friendly but these cleansers can easily be made by products readily available at your home.


3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 5 drops essential oils, 2 tablespoons dish soap, 2 tablespoons fabric softener, and one gallon of hot but not boiling water are the ingredients that are required for this cleaning process. When compared to store-bought alternatives, this is a considerably cleaner option that produces similar results. You’re ready for a complete deep clean once you lock and load your shampooing machine.


  1. Normal Dirt Stains Can Be Removed With Shaving Cream


Dirt patches appear on lighter carpets as a result of increased traffic, dust collection, or accidents. Having children around causes highly obvious stains and grime, which can sometimes be frustrating, but shaving cream can serve as the optimum solution for these problems. Any kind of shaving cream will act as a stain removal. The stain may be ancient, but the main benefit of spreading shaving cream into the stain and allowing it to sit is that the carpet feels smooth to the touch and has more fluff, and will easily get rid of the stained area.


  1. Baking soda


Baking soda is what you’ll need to make your own light freshener if you want to freshen up your carpeting for visitors or for a more formal occasion. A bottle of essential oil and a sixteen-ounce box of baking soda is required. Choose a fresh perfume, such as citrus, and use 10 to 20 drops based on how strong you want the fragrance to be. Sprinkle this mixture over your carpet, then proceed to vacuum after five to ten minutes.


  1. Vinegar Can Help You Fluff Your Carpet


When it comes to carpet maintenance, vinegar has several purposes similar to baking soda, and among the most noteworthy purposes is that it fluffs up high-traffic areas where the carpet merely appears worn out, and the fibers have flattened. Vinegar is diluted in equal ratio with water and sprayed over the afflicted area. When the carpet has absorbed the mixture, use an ordinary spoon to release the fibers and restore their original texture by running it sideways across the carpeting.


  1. Removing gum stains


Just because getting gum out of any fiber appears impossible doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved. When the gums are still soft, the major issue arises. It expands, and treating it at that time may cause more harm than good, so you should allow it to harden instead. Rubbing an ice cube over the gum until it freezes, and you can scrape it off with a spoon, with close to no damage to your carpet.


  1. Nail polish can be removed with rubbing alcohol


If the stain is nail polish, you might not want to chance using rubbing alcohol on your carpets because it could damage the dye and cause bleaching. Nail polish remover and other types of clear rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, are not quite strong enough to discolor carpeting. As a result, wait until the nail polish is dry. Scrape off as much dried nail polish as possible with a blunt knife, then gently wipe with a cloth until the nail polish dissolves and is absorbed into the fabric.


  1. Professional carpet cleaning


Although self-treating stains is necessary, professional carpet cleanings should be done at least once a year. Chem-Dry removes stains, odors, bacteria, and allergens from your floors while also assisting in the prevention of new stains.


A professional carpet cleaning service is highly beneficial as it extends the life of your carpet. As dust and other debris are more prone to attach to a soiled carpet than a clean carpet, removing this built-up dirt and debris will help the carpet last longer. Professional carpet cleaners often utilize hot water extraction cleaning procedures to properly remove contaminants from deep within the fibers and sterilize the carpet.

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