Maintaining Your Oriental Rug in NY

For thousands of years, oriental rugs have been used in homes, estates and even palaces across the world, providing an elegant focal point in a room as well as a practical method of keeping your dwelling comfortable and your floors warm under foot. Even though oriental rugs are a fairly low-maintenance method of carpeting your interiors, they still require regular upkeep in order to preserve their beauty. Once you know the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining your oriental rug, you’ll be able to enjoy it for generations to come. Below, a few useful tips to keep in mind when caring for your oriental area rugs:

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Expert Care for Oriental Rugs

In the event that you need to clean an accidental spill on your rug, follow these helpful hints:

TIPS: Here are several things you should NOT do when caring for your oriental rug:

Since most oriental rugs are costly – ranging in the hundreds to the thousands – you may want to consult a professional rug cleaning green choice reviewsservice when you have a serious stain or spill. Whether you live in NYC or the surrounding boroughs, an oriental rug specialist will be able to determine the best method of cleaning your cherished oriental rug without causing further damage. When you decide that you need a professional oriental rug cleaning in NYC call Green Choice.

Protect Your Oriental Rug

In order to keep your favorite oriental area rugs looking their best, there are several simple steps you can follow to preserve their appearance. First, when you notice high-volume areas on your carpet are beginning to look dingy, it’s time to rotate your rug – rotating your area rugs every year or two will prevent them from wearing unevenly. When you are ready to give your oriental rugs a thorough cleaning, look for organic rug cleaning services, as they provide an effective yet gentle carpet cleaning alternative that is both safe for the environment and your family. Finally, rug pads are an easy way to ensure your oriental rugs wear properly – by providing them with the proper support, rug pads will maintain their shape and also make your carpeting safer to walk on. By following these tips, your coveted oriental rugs will last for many generations. Call Green Choice Carpets for of the best oriental rug cleaning services in New York City

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