Choosing an Organic Rug Cleaner

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Choosing to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Many people have become aware of the dangers of living an unhealthy existence and how simple things we do in our daily routine can not only impact our environment, but our health. Going green doesn’t just cover what we eat or what sort of clothing we choose to wear, but also how we keep our homes clean. Although you may or may not be aware of it, there are dozens of harmful chemicals that may be present in your household detergents. Similarly, when you want to clean your carpets, most conventional carpet cleaning companies use toxic cleansers which have a negative effect on the planet and the well-being of your family. Since these chemicals eventually find themselves back in our water supply or in our atmosphere, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients found in your cleaning supplies. Look for rug cleaning services in NYC that use organic cleansers and all-natural carpet cleaning methods – by doing so, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the health of your family and loved ones.

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Naturally Green Rug Cleaning

When you are searching for an organic rug cleaning company, be sure that they offer Eco-friendly cleansers, and use terms such as “non-toxic” and “biodegradable” when describing their services. The best rug cleaning companies in NYC will use Eco-friendly cleansers that are pH-balanced and 100% natural, and will have a team of expert carpet technicians available to answer any questions you may have about their cleaning techniques.

The Benefits of Green Rug Cleaning

As we have discussed, traditional carpet cleaning methods utilize a variety of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, pesticides, and other detergents with strong odors and toxic ingredients which can trigger a host of health problems, including respiratory illness, allergic reactions, and in extreme cases, damage to our nervous systems. Furthermore, since many of our carpets and area rugs are already made from synthetic materials, they give off dangerous emissions that we inhale. Subsequently, if you choose to use ordinary carpet cleansers, you’re essentially putting chemicals on top of a carpet that’s already been treated with chemicals – not the healthiest environment for your home or office. When you use organic cleansers, you are providing a much safer means of cleaning your rugs and carpeting, since green rug cleaning doesn’t contain the harsh ingredients that has been known to cause headaches, allergies, nausea, irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, fatigue, coughing, and other side-effects.

Green Tip: A great odor-neutralizer, baking soda is an all-natural product that most of us already have in our homes. Use this household product between rug-cleaning appointments to keep it smelling fresh – simply sprinkle baking soda over your rug and let sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum thoroughly. If you’re not sure if this treatment is safe for your area rug, call a rug cleaning expert who will be happy to answer your questions.

Why organic carpet cleaning?

Nowadays, people are more environmentally conscious ever than they’ve been before. So choosing to live an eco-friendly life using organic carpet cleaning has increased tremendously in the recent years. Many people are now aware of the dangers of living in an unhealthy environment and how some of our daily activities impact not only our environment but our health. What we eat is not enough for us to go green, what we wear and use in our homes is also important. Choosing organic carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to go green. With GreenChoice Carpet organic carpet cleaning service, you are sure to go even greener and care for the planet you love. GreenChoice Carpet employs the most advanced, organic eco carpet cleaning solution without using any harmful chemicals while at the same time giving your carpet the best cleaning possible. Everything we do at GreenChoice Carpet is promoting a sustainable environment and healthy household – from our excellent low-moisture cleaning solution to our green-certified solutions. Our goal is to always offer our customers a safer, healthier and the best organic carpet cleaning services when it comes to upholstery, carpet and Oriental rug cleaning. Not only do we use safe ingredients to clean your carpets, but we use 80 percent less water than the usual steam cleaning methods. It means we use less water in the cleaning process, and your carpet will dry quickly and ready to go in a few hours. With traditional methods, you may have to wait for days for your carpet to dry.
If you are looking for the best organic carpet cleaning services, call 1-212-201-0529 for a free quote.

Organic Rug Cleaning NYC

For over two decades, GreenChoice Carpet has been providing organic rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning in New York City and environs. All our services come with a minimal impact on the environment because we employ non-toxic and safe cleaning solution. Our organic rug cleaning NYC deep cleans and refreshes your home’s rug without harsh chemicals. We don’t just stop there; we use only one-fifth the amount of water other competing carpet cleaning services use during the cleaning process.
Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaning: if your home has upholstery and carpets, giving them a deep cleaning once in a while is a part of life. If you are using them without deep cleaning, your rugs will start showing their age; trapped particles and dirt will find their ways to your carpet’s surface, and it will look really dirty no matter how well you clean it by hands or vacuum. Children, pets and other people walking indoors drag debris and dirt into your home and rugs tend to easily attract these hard to clean dirt. You can’t remove this kind of dirt manually; you need a professional organic carpet cleaning company to do the job for you. Furthermore, many of the area rugs and carpets people use are already made with synthetic materials that give off harmful emissions that we inhale. So cleaning your carpets and area rugs using ordinary carpet cleaners will essentially add chemical on top of the carpet that’s already made of dangerous chemicals. But choosing organic rug cleaning service will provide you with clean carpets and healthy environment. The great thing about hiring an organic rug cleaning company is that you will get a lot of options that traditional cleaners won’t offer you. Today, you can easily give us a call for a free quote and we will provide you the best possible organic cleaning solution.

Why choose natural carpet cleaning?

When dirt gets deep into your carpets, it gets down and clings to the fibers. While other cleaners mostly rely on harsh cleaning methods to separate the dirt or dissolve it from your rug’s fibers, we use the natural and non-toxic method to clean your carpets. Our natural carpet cleaning service relies on millions of tiny bubbles that safely break the dirt particles and lift them to the surface for our technicians to quickly extract them with specialized machines.

Our organic carpet cleaning service is:
• Green-certified
• Non-toxic and safe for your pets and kids
• Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, detergent, phosphates or soaps
• Perfect for people with allergies
• Doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind
If you are looking for the healthier, safer and more environmentally carpet cleaning service, call 1-212-201-0529.

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