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Welcome to the GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning Coupons page! At GreenChoice, we don't price our organic cleaning services at a premium like many of our competitors. Our mission is to offer all of our customers a safe, toxic-free, organic carpet cleaning for a fraction of the price of less effective conventional carpet cleaning procedures. And while our prices already undercut the competition, the following coupons make our green cleaning services a deal that can't be beat.

As a family owned and locally operated carpet cleaning service, we do our best to offer the safest green cleaning services possible. If any of the following coupons do not address you particular cleaning needs, just give us a call and let us know you are a first-time customer; we will do our best to offer a first-time discount to meet your needs.

Steam Carpet Cleaning


*includes our exclusive Organic Carpet Cleaning
Discount applies to only to Steam Cleaning .

Get our top of the line Organic Steam Carpet Cleaning for 15% Off our normal price.

Sofa & Couch Cleaning


Any full-size couch or sofa.
Discount applies to Deep Shampoo Cleaning only .

Save $25 Off our Organic Sofa Cleaning Service, includes allergen removal, stain protection, and conditioning.

Antique Rug Cleaning


includes sanitizing, protection, and minor restorations!
Discount applies to Deep Shampoo Cleaning only .

For over 20 years our Antique Rug Cleaning specialists have been renewing and protecting antique rugs of all makes.

First time customers only, applicable to orders over $50.00.

Throw & Area Rug Cleaning


per square foot, includes free pick-up & delivery.
Discount applies to Steam Cleaning only for rug at least 8 X 10 ft.

Our industrial cleaning machine will restore your favorite area rug - not recommended for antique or hand-made rugs.

Applicable on any rug order equaling $20 or above.

One-Room Carpet Cleaning


*Up to 200 square feet.
Discount applies to Steam Cleaning only.

Never experienced a true Organic Carpet Cleaning? Our one-room special allows you to test our green cleaning service.

One per customer, applicable to first time customers only.

Leather Couch Cleaning


Any full-size leather or suede couch or sofa.

Our leather and suede cleaning service includes deep organic conditioning that is proven to reduce cracking and wear.

All coupons can only be redeemed by presenting them to GreenChoice technicians before the work begins. Coupons are no longer valid once work begins.

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