Oriental Rug Cleaning Maryland

When you own an authentic oriental rug, you are adding a beautiful dimension to your home . These unique pieces of art have been used for thousands of years to impart a touch of visual elegance to your décor and provide warmth to your surroundings. Consequently, these valuable masterpieces must be cared for so they may serve your family for years to come. In order to preserve the painstaking craftsmanship and delicate materials of your oriental rug, it’s important to be aware of the proper maintenance techniques. If you follow the guidelines as recommended by rug professionals so that you will know the basic steps of caring for a genuine oriental rug, your rug can last for generations.

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Regular Rug Maintenance

One of the most essential things you can do when owning an oriental green choice reviewsrug is to clean it as often as possible and practice preventative measures to avoid unnecessary soiling. If possible, ask visitors to remove their shoes upon entering your home. Vacuum on a weekly basis, and be sure to use the right setting on the machine to avoid snags or tears. In the event of a spill, be certain to clean them up immediately, using only a clean, dry cloth and water. Avoid using store-bought carpet cleaners on your costly oriental rugs, as they may bleach or damage the dye in your carpet. If you have a serious stain, it is best to contact a professional carpet cleaner, who can assess the stain and treat it with the proper cleansing agents to avoid further damage. Furthermore, check to see if the rug pad has become damp; if so, remove the padding and dry thoroughly to prevent against mildew, mold or deterioration.

Spotting a Soiled Area Rug

If you’re not sure if your area rug is due for a thorough cleaning, there are several ways of determining it: first, you can see how dirty it is by picking up the corner of the rug. Kick the back of the rug, and if dust rises from the fibers, it’s time to give it a good vacuuming. Another method is to rub your hand across the nap of the carpet for a few seconds – it your hand is soiled, it may require a professional cleaning. When you need to give your oriental rug a deep cleaning, you should contact a professional rug cleaning service in the Maryland area such as Green Choice Carpet, as they’re experienced in maintaining oriental, antique and other valuable rugs. You will not only get an expert cleaning, but have the peace of mind that your cherished rug is being taken care of properly. Green Choice makes rug care easy because we offer a free quote, an on-site inspection of your rug by a technician at no charge, free pickup and delivery, and we make all appointments at a time you want.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has over 2 decades of experience with oriental rug cleaning in Maryland. We also offer rug repair and rug restoration services. Call at 1-301-605-1169 and talk to one of our representatives for quote. If you want we can arrange for a technician to visit your home and inspect your rugs. The technician can then describe how we would clean your rug and give a free estimate. We also offer our customers a free pick up and delivery of their carpets in Maryland.

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